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I bring this to Oakland’s attention

I sadly bring this to Oakland’s attention because you are listed on the interoccupy article V convention site.   Update: The group from the call is forming a Corporation, non-profit, and they have already stated axing people even before becoming official. While I thought it was a good idea, and still do, those who took it over and started their hierarchical Corporation, have, no surprise, become Corporate in their treatment of the Volunteer staff. From my experience, they have no regard for people, unless you were ‘in on it’ from … Continued


There’s a time limit on comments?

Out of state and agitated. But I’ll get over it.  For the outside agitators post, Whatever my outside opinion is worth, Oakland residents should have a greater say in a march if it provokes, because they have to live with the results more so than others do, especially when non-residents turn violent and destructive. Non-residents should respect the city whom they are a guest in. However, being in the god-foresaken state of Nevada, with nowhere but to go into town to find an occupy group, I would hope the big city people would … Continued


“…, and they fear the spread of an awareness of the power of noncooperation in controlling  political power.” Political power is your power. Cooperating is granting your power to others. Withdrawing this power – this support – is but one goal. Withdrawing support in other areas of society is now needed. It may seem impossible to even consider this next point knowing the history of Oakland, but it’s worth saying until it is accomplished. Somehow someone in occupyoakland must find a way to get the police on your side. They are duty bound not … Continued


Something from Nevada

Something from Nevada Since the government is at war with you: Counter tactics during marches – Seems the main counter tactic could be disbursal. Stretch their forces apart as much as possible. But then your people don’t want to be left alone and vulnerable either. Yes, these need to be practiced – training is required. a) Keep the people known to the police either   1) disbursed   2) disguised   3) away from the action completely   4) separate from the action until needed b) Develop marching formations   … Continued


Video showed

The video on Democracy Now showed the occupyoakland side throwing things at the police. While understandable, it serves no useful purpose. Please stop countering violence with violence. Nonviolent struggle requires discipline. Confrontation with the police is nuts. Get them on your side. Yes, it’s not easy. You can’t win using these confrontational tactics. Are the Oakland police too brain dead to converse with? 18312


Empty buildings drain resources

Nonviolent Action and Nonviolent Force can overthrow governments when used with disipline and organization.  Gene Sharp gives you the tools. Read his works. Please read. Although empty buildings are a stupid waste of resources, trying to take them over using force won’t achieve the goal of using the building. Empty buildings  should be an action item to expose such waste and their greedy owners using the police to protect these ( abandoned ) empty structures which serve no useful function, but only drain money from the city. 18288