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“Found black backpack in intersection of Broadway and 14th St during May Day. If you can identify the contents of the bag I will help to return it to you.”   Contact:  Specify subject line as: LOST n FOUND BLACK BACKPACK 49200


Defend GG’s home! Fuck The Banksters!

“GG has been a key member of our group from the beginning. Whether it’s door-knocking, closing down a bank, or planning an action, GG is there. Meanwhile, in her own home, US Bank put her into a fraudulent loan she couldn’t pay and then foreclosed on her, but she’s been keeping them at bay for a long time. Various judges have granted her stays of eviction and told US Bank to negotiate a loan modification, but the bank wants the home.” More about this article: GG’s Story: GG and Orion … Continued


From Brooklyn to Oakland. Rest in Power Kimani Gray & Alan Blueford – Photos/Videos

From Brooklyn to Oakland. Rest in Power Kimani Gray & Alan Blueford Oakland, California | March 21, 2013 “Much like Miguel Masso (OPD) who killed Alan, the two officers who shot Kimani have a long history of violence. These police, Sgt. Mourad Mourad and Officer Jovaniel Cordova, have previously cost the city of NY (meaning the taxpayers) $215,000 for abuses ranging from illegal stops to shoving a man’s face into a puddle to punching someone they stopped in the face to pulling off a suspect’s pants and underwear. Both officers … Continued


ANTI-FLAG 20th Anniversary Tour! Two Nights in Oakland (Occupy Expressly Welcome!)

——————————————————- The well-known punk band Anti-Flag has positively responded to a request made by members of Occupy Oakland to have a presence at their two performances happening in Oakland this week. “We would be honored to have [Occupy Oakland] table and speak at the show.” Anti-Flag  will be performing on Wednesday, March 20th and Thursday, March 21st, 8PM at the Oakland Metro Opera house located in Jack London Square. Any Occupy member that has a powerful, succinct message to communicate may very well have the opportunity to deliver it live, … Continued


Rally to DEMAND PROSECUTION of OPD Officer MIGUEL MASSO! – March 5th, 2013 -Photos/Videos

DEMAND PROSECUTION of OPD Officer MIGUEL MASSO! The letter to Attorney General Kamala Harris can be read at: . Alan Blueford’s Mother. Dan Siegel (Attorney) The Brother from Baltimore. Raheim Brown’s Brother with a heart breaking speech. Mario Romero’s Mother and Sister Alan Blueford’s Mother and Father ‘ Ghetto Prophet (GP) speaking out at J4AB event. Hours later he is arrested at his home. Details: Peaceful protesters forcefully pushed down the stairs by some stupid cops (Alameda County Sheriffs). Idiots. The cops will never gain trust from the community. Those … Continued


Rally to DEMAND PROSECUTION of OPD Officer MIGUEL MASSO! – Tue March 5th @3pm

  ” Rally to DEMAND PROSECUTION of Oakland Police Officer MIGUEL MASSO! TUESDAY, MARCH 5th @ 3pm Alameda County DA’s Office (Corner of 12th & Oak St.) The Justice 4 Alan Blueford Coalition & Many in the Oakland Community Call Upon California Attorney General, Kamala Harris, and the Alameda DA’s office to: 1. PRESS CHARGES AGAINST OPD OFFICER MIGUEL MASSO FOR THE MURDER OF ALAN BLUEFORD due to the flawed and biased investigation carried out by Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley which intentionally ignored clear evidence of a homicide and … Continued


“WOW…..this is really fantastic!”: :)

“WOW…..this is really fantastic!” ~Mindy, Occupy Oakland Occupier She said that and I am pretty sure many of us here at Occupy Oakland also say that. 🙂 All Power to the People!   Article below source: “13 arrested as 200 march on Wells Fargo demanding fair banking practices Posted by Becky Zosia Dernbach 326.80pc on February 27, 2013 Thirteen people were peacefully arrested Wednesday afternoon as they marched on Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, demanding turnover of vacant homes to community control and fair banking practices. The march, organized by Occupy Homes MN, … Continued