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3 Anchor Pieces

To regain the momentum in defending the 99%, there are three immediate areas OO should be focused on. 1) Protesting the rising price of gasoline. To all working class Americans, employed and unemployed, the gas prices are taking an immediate toll both in out-of-pocket expenses and in the rising cost of food and anything else you buy. In protesting the rises, as much attention should be paid to the banks as Chevron & Co. because it is widely recognized that bank/Wall Street speculation is driving the price escalation. Even while … Continued


Port Shutdown

I just sent this as a Letter to the Editor to the Oakland Tribune: What a mockery, the Port of Oakland purporting to be a “friend” of the 99%!  Using public lands, it hosts rent free the world’s largest maritime companies.  This includes war profiteers APL and SSA, the latter controlled by Goldman Sachs.  Not a penny of the nominal fees it charges them goes to the debt-ridden Oakland Public Schools nor to any of the vital services provided by Alameda County, including desperately understaffed Highland Hospital.  Yet the Port … Continued


Tagami’s Shotgun—Letter to the Oak Trib

Letter to the Tribune: Tagami’s  Shotgun Oakland millionaire developer Phil Tagami’s action “racking” his shotgun at the Rotunda exemplifies why the Occupy movement is necessary.  He personifies the capitalist system and its government valuing property over human life.  Tagami was apparently prepared to kill for a building which he obtained with $12 million in long-term loans provided by Oakland taxpayers.  He was an Oakland Port Commissioner when the police shot at anti-Iraq war protestors and longshoremen.  Oft described as a ‘friend of Oakland Adult Education’, Tagami didn’t offer a penny … Continued