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Safer Spaces D12 Trauma Support Dispatch and SpaceSHIP

Hey all! This is a communique from Safer Spaces Oakland To keep the revolution strong you need to keep YOURSELVES strong! If you experience or witness police violence or any other kind of violence, or if you are just feeling overwhelmed, anxious or scared     FIND the Safer SpaceSHIP!   Chill out, have a hot bev, decompress, talk to someone if you wanna. Take care of yourself so you can keep on fighting! Safer Spaces Dispatch/Infoline for D12 Port Shutdown Action ONLY: 510-502-9466 10626


Help us Build our Safer SpaceSHIP for Port Shutdown!

  Good News:   Decolonize/Occupy Oakland Safer Spaces has acquired an old AC Transit Bus out of which we will be basing an army of Emotional Medics.   We need your help to transform this bus into a wonderland of healing, comfort, and safety. If you are coming to the West Coast Port Shutdown Action, please consider bringing us anything on the list below. Of course, you are free to take it home with you when you leave. But this is a great chance to clear things out of your … Continued


Be an EMOTIONAL MEDIC at 12.12 Port Shutdown!

****PLEASE FORWARD WIDELY****   Dearest Community,   This is a message to let people know that Safer Spaces of Decolonize/Occupy Oakland will be in attendance for the 12/12 West Coast Port Shutdown event, to provide emotional support and trauma services for participants.   Our purpose is to provide crisis stabilization, get folks to safety, and provide trauma informed care in the event of police violence, or the threat of police violence.   We are also open for pre-emptive planning with anyone who would like a safety plan, or to ally … Continued


Safer Spaces Needs A LARGE vehicle for 12/12 Port Shutdown!

Hello World! This is a communiqué from Safer Spaces, a committee with Decolonize/Occupy Oakland. We work to provide anti-oppression advocacy and mental health support to the Decolonize/Occupy movement.   On December 12, 2011 we will be participating in the West Coast Port Shutdown action by organizing a team of “Emotional Medics”. Emotional Medics will work to support those who have been traumatized by police violence at the action. We do this work because the long-lasting effects that police violence has on our mental health makes organizing a sustainable movement very … Continued


Safer Spaces Oakland Supports the Name Change to Decolonize!

As Safer Spaces committee, we fully support the name change to Decolonize Oakland. Part of the work of Safer Spaces has been to make this movement more effective by ensuring that people with a wide range of experiences of privilege and oppression can feel empowered and excited to work with one another. Based on this work, we think that in order for this movement to be powerful and sustainable we need to prioritize the voices of those people who are most impacted by oppression, marginalization, and state violence. It is … Continued