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Suggestion for rules of engagement during protests

This is just an idea for establishing some protocols so militants, pacifists, live streamers, and others can all function together more effectively during police conflicts. These rules would be described and agreed upon by all participants before each event, although organizers would be free to alter them depending on the nature of the event. The purpose would be to allow us to decide as a group how to respond to OPD actions during protests when there is no time for discussion or formal voting. If, during a confrontation with police, … Continued


Suggestion for proposal queue order

It’s obvious that we need some better system for sorting the proposal queue that allows for timely/emergency proposals to get precedence, without the Facilitation Committee getting accused of playing favorites. The simplest alternative would be some sort of direct vote at the beginning of each assembly — but one problem with that is that less-popular proposals would continually get shuffled to the bottom of the queue and never get voted on. To address that potential issue, any proposals that get rolled over to subsequent GAs could keep their cumulative vote … Continued