May Day Noise Demo: Fight For Fifteen! OGP Wed. @ 5PM

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Last year Burger King made $117,000,000 in profits. Walgreens made $253,000,000.

Hundreds of fast food workers in NYC & Chicago recently participated in a strike to demand $15/hr. It is time to bring the Fight for Fifteen campaign to Oakland.

We will gather at Oscar Grant Plaza at 14th St. & Broadway for a rally on Wed, May 1st at 5 PM for a rally followed by a noise demo march throughout downtown Oakland at 6 PM. There will be food at the rally and also after the march back at the Plaza. 

With the cost of rent driven up by gentrification, plus childcare, healthcare and other bills, $8/hour is not enough to survive in Oakland. Mayor Jean Quan says Oakland is “rising” but the lowest paid workers, who are more likely to be people of color and women, are left behind.

$15/hr livable wage for all Oakland workers!

Expose the practices of corporations who thrive off of low wage labor.

And, as we all know, whatever they do in back east, we can do better in Oakland.

To help plan, attend the May Day: Fight For Fifteen Assembly – Sunday, April 28th, 2pm at 19th & Telegraph (for some reason scheduled at the same time as the OO GA).


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