From Brooklyn to Oakland. Rest in Power Kimani Gray & Alan Blueford – Photos/Videos

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From Brooklyn to Oakland.

Rest in Power Kimani Gray & Alan Blueford

Oakland, California | March 21, 2013

“Much like Miguel Masso (OPD) who killed Alan, the two officers who shot Kimani have a long history of violence. These police, Sgt. Mourad Mourad and Officer Jovaniel Cordova, have previously cost the city of NY (meaning the taxpayers) $215,000 for abuses ranging from illegal stops to shoving a man’s face into a puddle to punching someone they stopped in the face to pulling off a suspect’s pants and underwear. Both officers had previously been involved in shootings (something we see here in Oakland as well with most shootings).

According to a lawyer for some of the people who sued Mourad and Cordova, “In each case, Mourad and Cordova attempted to cover up their misconduct by falsifying and fabricating evidence,” and all but one of the arrests were dismissed.

As usual, the Police have published their lies about what happened, inventing witnesses who no one else seems able to find (much as they did in Alan’s case), and as usual, the media has simply reprinted the lies straight from NYPD’s mouth as if they are truth.”
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Message from Alan’s Mother to the Gray Family in Brooklin, NY

Mother tired of speaking out that Police killed her son, and see no justice.

Anne Weills, Attorney

Her son (Gary) got shot twice on his back by Oakland Police Officer Sgt. Patrick Gonzalez (2007)


Critical Resistance Oakland and New York

CopWatch and a Victim of Stop and Frisk





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