gg feb 26 tues eviction cancilled

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hi all thanks for ur support against gg/s eviction the feb 26th, especially (go to it every day to know what/s coming down) eviction has been stayed for 30 days no eviction feb 26 tuesday. it/s been very traumatic for us .ACCE (Aliance of californians for community empowerment) is helping us to organize a phone bomb the tactic is to have each friend and ally of ours to call 10 times a day to a specific bankster asking them to restructure the loan we ask people to call 10 ttimes a day because it overloads the system and shuts them down andlets them know gg is not alone .so we will notify you with the phone # to call and when to call .
We also urge you to become a part ot the ACCE State wide campaign to attack Wells fargo on feb 27th wendsday Oakland Demo will be at the bank in don/t for get to sign up for emergency text Subscribe “ooforeclosure” to 69302 u will only get texts for extream sheriff and auctions .Thanks for making the world amore peaceful and joyful palace.palace was originally a typo but now i say it as a harsh ironical reminder that the 1% indeed live in palaces and all our homes and lives are under extream threat .for more orion video/s political songs ,jazz,politics,Blueford go to also i have a 510 541 3835 24/7 see you at the bradley manning demo sf today sat 23 ferry building go to for details what kind pie? OCCUPY PS again we thank the occupy oakland labor solidarity comm for there letter of support for gg to the court and the bank


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