Jan 19 March on Chevron

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Citizens United 3rd Year Anniversary  Action Richmond Chevron!


Rally at  1pm Chevron Gate 14  (Castro St. and Chevron Way, Richmond).   Or join the march starting from Richmond BART at noon–music by Brass Liberation Orchestra.  (2.6 miles)

Join Common Cause, Richmond Progressive Alliance, Urban Tilth, West County Toxics Coalition, Occupy Richmond, ACCE, Communities for a Better Environment, United Native Americans, Decolonize Oakland Labor Black & Brown, Asian Pacific Environmental Network, Global Exchange, MoveOn, CREDO, Occupy SF Environmental Justice Working Group, 350.org and others!

Chevron has brazenly donated over $2 million to the Republican Super PAC to ensure that Big Oil maintains its stranglehold on national energy policy. And in our own backyard, Chevron’s toxic money spill –$1.2 million to buy off the Richmond City Council race—cost two progressive seats, a loss that affects us all. Just as surely as the recent fire polluted Richmond’s air, Chevron’s money pollutes both national and local politics. Chevron’s corporate pollution must be cleaned up and prevented from recurring.

Richmond and adjoining communities stand in the long shadow of the Climate Cliff. They are on the front line, along with countless other communities across the nation, against the arrogant and reckless behavior of the extractive industries. When poor refinery maintenance causes huge lethal fires, thousands of people go to the hospitals. When Chevron refuses to pay its fair share of municipal and county property taxes, local schools suffer, and public services whither. From Angola to the Amazon rainforest, from Richmond to the Appalachian Basin, Chevron has wreaked environmental and political destruction. And now, thanks to Citizens United, its money not only speaks but $hout$ down the rest of us. Chevron’s toxic money sludge imperils our already fragile democracy.


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