discourgement,is there a soulition?

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what is discourgement? we face discourgementall the time in our daily lives.in america and all around the worold.we can encounter discourgement at work school church and eaven from our health care workers.and politians. i myself have been a victim of discourgement.from leaders of faith family polaticians and health care workers.and socity it self as a oakland oucppy supporter i have encoutered negative discougerment from hospitals health care workers and yhe legal system and when some one of intereset takes notice that i support humen rights or the oucppy movement iget negative coments from family friends people of faith legal advisers and even the people that walk and talk the same thing im fighting for im not looking for financeial gain out of what i iam fight for or the oakland oucuppy movement im fighting for a change in my faith it teaches tthat a closed mouth dont get fed. if you have been a victim of discougerment pratice what you preach because im not going to keep my mouth shut because i will starve to death. p.s keep it simple and legal. keep the faith and keep it real truely yours eli.


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