Bring Your Solutions to the Streets! Organize against Bratton, OPD and Stop and Frisk.

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When:  January 24, 2013 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Where: Oscar Grant Plaza amphitheater, Broadway & 14th Street, Oakland, CA

We brought our solutions to city hall. The council heard the public loud and clear: NO MORE MONEY FOR OPD; invest the money in our schools, in our shuttered libraries, in youth centers and job programs. Unsurprisingly they have decided to hand more money in a broken and visibly racist police force. So in light of the recent and expected arrogance on the part of city council, we converge in the streets to voice our rage and to make it perfectly clear we will not allow ourselves to be further criminalized.

Most of us know that speaking to city council is a futile exercise, but one of the greatest parts about city council meetings is that we hear each other. We had so many beautiful and brilliant voices last night, but we don’t need their forum to speak to each other. Come to the plaza to rally and discuss how we can stop the violence of poverty in Oakland without them.

When we talk about stopping the violence, we are talking about eliminating the desperation that life under capitalism causes, and we are talking about ending the violence of the police occupation we live under.

Please join us for a discussion/GA at 5 pm to strategize as to what our course of action and response to this decision should be for this evening and into the coming years. Let’s remind them that we are ungovernable. Bring your ideas and your noisemakers.

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