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My brother was just recently killed by stockton p.d. The manner in which he was murdered keeps me waking in the middle of the night sobbing. He was involved in a high speed persuit which involved stockton p.d , highway patrol and the sheriffs office. With all three of these departments in trying to supposedly stop him not one of these trained individuals was able to do so with out putting over a hundred and eighty bullets in the vehicle he was driving. I cannot understand it nor fathom why they could by no other means apprehend him. My brother was scared of stockton p.d. He would claim that they had it out for him…. Quite honestly I thought that he was just paranoid. But all the signs point to something bigger. Something more. I recall how the time before his last run in with stockton p.d had left him partially blind because as their dogs tore my brother apart , stockton police had brutally beat him in the head with their clubs. I cannot express the guilt and the anger I feel over my younger brothers death.


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