I was distraught

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I happened to see a “book” advertised on Amazon calling itself a “people’s history of Occupy Oakland” written by people who weren’t really part of the movement and were badmouthing it and then another “book” called “The Little Revolution that Couldn’t.” I hate to think of a split in Occupy Oakland if that’s what happened. So I came back to this website and saw the power and spirit of the movement is alive and kicking. I just watched the video of love for Occupy Sandy. Bless all of you. If there is hope in the world, it is from movements like this one.

I have not been able to be as active as I would like because of my age (69) and relationship obligations. I have managed to be at plenty marches and rallies and I hope to participate in more of them. I won’t be at the New Year’s Eve party but I will be future events. I love you. I love your movement and will give all I can to it.


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  1. GNUWorldOrder

    Thanks, name. We’re sure still kicking. You missed a great, fun New Year’s Eve party, we even marched over to the cop shop and shared our love with the prisoners.