Shut Down Obama Fundraiser in Oakland – Monday 7/23/12

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On Monday, July 23, at 3:30-4:00, there will be a rally at Oscar Grant Plaza and then a march to the Fox Theater where Obama’s fundraiser is planned.

This action is supported by Code Pink, Bradley Manning supporters and many other fine groups.

I was surprised not to see it on the OO calendar. Anyway, I plan to be there and I hope to see you too.







5 Responses to “Shut Down Obama Fundraiser in Oakland – Monday 7/23/12”

  1. true2U

    IF Romney gets into office you Ocupy folks will be in jail as he sweeps the streets with his rich ass non caring paid off cleaning trucks.

  2. true2U

    URGGGGGGGG you guys are acting without a head right now.

  3. true2U

    I just don”t understand what this is about we should be supporting the only hope we have for office against ROMNEY.

  4. true2U

    URRRGGGGGGGG!!! You guy’s DON’t THINK before you do!!!! DUH MIT FUc’N Romney is in the Bay Area , you are going to bring the only candidate OBAMA on our side to the grave then we will have a REPUBLICAN ROMNEY . FACE it we only have 2 BAd choices but if you were to pick one would you prefer to be homeless/Romney- or just poor/ Obama? There is no other choice. You can fight justice after the presidency. We all Know the race is between romney and Obama choose wisely folks and Occupy later if Romney is in office WTF are you gonna do then HUH???!!!!

  5. danilo

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