open letter to occupy oakland

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Oakland is a beautiful city with many hearts. This city is vibrant and very passionate about its nieghborhoods and the familys within them. There is now a growing unrest directed towards Occupy Oakland. This stems from the Anarchists takeover and co-opting the movement to use it as a platform for there destuctive ways. This letter will game you up on what’s to come.. As of today july 5th 2012 there is a gathering of people who are tired of your lack of respect for anything, including yourselfs. This gathering is somewhat different then any other gathering because this colition is made up of commrades who have been educated and learned about themselves and movements behind prison walls. Myself being an active member of Wolf Pack. Yet this new gathering is made of 415/Kumi,Norte’ and civilians who have been in prison. A civilian is one who doesn’t become involed with any certain organization. There are 20 of us today, but this changes daily as we go to North, East, and West Oakland. Our purpose is simple and that is to take back Occupy Oakland and let its many hearts bring back life to this once passionate movement. Trust me when I tell you it is over for this current set of fuck ups. Those of us who understand the nature of your type of person, know you are cowards. Before action is taken by us at your General Assembly it is important to us to reach out and let know what is going to happen, and the reasons why it is going to happen


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  1. OcThis

    I looked over your recent posting and felt moved to add a response. I indeed concur with you that Oakland is indeed a beautiful, vibrant, and multi-faceted city with many hearts. It is indeed why we strive to make sense of these messes we are in, both on a regional and national level. I understand that you are unhappy with any takeover that purports “destructive” ways in the face of a movement that was at some time, attempting positive change. I get all of that.

    However, my agreement with your comments, and style of making comments, ends there. All the rest of your posting is laced with aggressive comments, which is basically the same as hurling insults. Of course, we know that in the course of any movement, there is infighting, co–opting by fringe groups, and major stumbling of all kinds that impedes efforts.Unfortunately, these difficult roadblocks are faced by any dynamic movement that attempts to enact social change. Do you think that the SNCC or the SDS or all of the civil rights fighters in the south didn’t have their organizational problems? Of course they did, and I challenge the Occupy folks everywhere(and any social movement that is floundering) to look around, take a breath, take stock of things, and figure it out.

    While you call them fuck-ups, while you call them cowards, you do nothing but impede progress. Occupy Wall Street came out of the collective rage that we do not have participatory democracy in this country in the way that we are purported to have. This phenomenon came to be, and many people across the globe became involved, and continue to be involved as we speak. Oakland developed its own brand of the Occupy movement that has had some success, some failures. I too, have been unhappy with the anarchist destruction that has done nothing but alienate many people and has helped to splinter what could be a dynamic organization.

    But all of this aside, here is the question…….. Do we want this thing to be about us individually or about creating change for all of us?

    When I see insults and name calling, all I see is people being concerned about themselves. We have to figure out much more creative ways of creating something out of the ashes of this thing. The people that set the template for change for us, those who really put themselves on the front lines throughout history, in many parts of the globe, deserve something better than petty squabbling and bickering.