Financial Statement from the Anti Repression Committee

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JULY 29, 2012

The following is a full accounting of all funds raised and spent by Occupy Oakland’s Anti Repression Committee (ARC) as of July 29, 2012. Anti Repression funds are only used for providing support for OO arrestees.


Total Funds Raised: $40,874.38

$20,000.00 – Occupy Wall Street Donation

$19,464.38 – Funds raised through the ARC’s We Pay account and fundraising activities

$480.00      – O100 Support Committee Donation

$ 930.00     – Fundraiser event at the Starry Plough


Total Funds Spent: $21,020.14


Bail $19,235

A total of 19 people were bailed out between 11/28/11 – 5/9/12 using ARC funds.

The Anti Repression Committee strictly followed the bail policy as voted by the General Assembly of Occupy Oakland – arrestees were always, and only, bailed out after their arraignments (when bails are significantly lowered). The Anti Repression Committee will bail people out prior to arraignment if they are in an emergency situation, but this has not occurred. All  those arrested and bailed out prior to their arraignment did so independently of the Anti Repression Committee and used private money.

The Anti Repression Committee is not responsible for any funds raised independently from the ARC, this includes independently set up WePay accounts, and privately solicited funds. The only way  that the  Anti Repression Committee receives funds is through the official ARC WePay donation page and funds raised officially under the ARC name.


Commissary $980.25

Commissary deposits for Occupy Oakland members who remain in jail for longer periods. This provides support for purchasing food, toiletries and other basic necessities.

Aside from this $980.25 withdrawn from ARC funds, ARC members have also raised an additional $1,888 through independently organized fundraising activities for commissary support. The committee continues to  organize fundraising activities to support commissary needs for long term arrestees.


Other expenses $804.89

While ARC funds are generally used  only for  bail and commissary, below is a breakdown of all other expenditures.

$175.00 Global Tel Link – Phone calls from OO Arrestees in Jail.

$450.00 Reimbursement to Khalid Shakur for his camera as per GA decision on 2/13/12

$124.00 Reimbursement to OO member (NOT ARC committee member) for expenses incurred in relation to mass arrest.

$26.94 Ice Cream & Food for Ice Cream 3 Fundraiser $28.95 Bank fees, checks and service fees


The Anti Repression Committee is currently in the process of meeting with a CPA and discussing the tax liability for the money that has been raised. $8,000 -10,000 dollars has been put aside as advised by our CPA for tax purposes. The Anti Repression Committee will send a full account reporting after taxes have been paid.



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