OPD is summoning witnesses via letter; What to do if you recieve one.

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OPD has been sending people letters telling them that they may be a
witness to criminal activity and asking them to come in.  It appears that
these letters are being sent to people who were arrested on January 28th
but there may be more we aren’t aware of.

It is our understanding that these letters are NOT legally binding
summons.  As always, we strongly urge you to exercise your right to remain

silent, and to NOT speak with the police. This includes Internal Affairs
(IA). Anything you say to IA will go directly to the police who will be

indicting you or your comrades. Do not be fooled!  If you believe you have
information about police misconduct, take it to the NLG. No one except
movement lawyers should be discussing _anything_ with any police agent.

If you receive one of these letters, please call the National Lawyers
Guild at 415-285-1011 (leave a message) and contact anti-repression at




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