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Occupy AC Transit BBQ & Speakout 6/30/2012 Photos

Another successful BBQ! It was a good day, for good people getting together to discuss and plan. The announcement of this event can be found at: 35055


SCOTUS Obamacare Decision Makes Individual Mandate A Fact & Universal Healthcare Coverage A Fiction

Supreme Court ruling re “National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius” means corporations can use federal law to force people to buy their products. SCOTUS OBAMACARE DECISION MAKES INDIVIDUAL MANDATE A FACT & UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE COVERAGE A FICTION If you want to read all 974 pages of the deceptively-titled “Patient Protection And Affordable Healthcare Act” (the actual Obamacare law) you can do so here: If you want to read all 193 pages of the obscurely-styled “National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius” U.S. Supreme Court decision (the actual Obamacare … Continued


From Pastor Preston Interfaith Tent @ Occupy Oakland… NATO/G8 SUMMIT / FTP MARCH Chicago May 2012

From the desk of Pastor Preston Interfaith Tent @ Occupy Oakland. Being in Chicago last month was a great Blessing… Protesting is in my blood… I have been doing Community Organiziing for a long time… I love the Occupy Movement with my heart… Chi-town was fun fun fun… Having the oppurtunity to led a 5,000 plus march in Downtown Chicago was great… I came to occupy last Oct. 2011 and see general strike #1, do a seven week vigill in front Oakland’s City Hall in the cold, rain, dealing with … Continued


The Future of Occupy Oakland

Reposted from Counterpunch by C. H. ACHERON and MIKE KING Like so many others, I now feel that the window is opening once again. And I would like to squeeze myself through it. But we must be careful; the gap is still narrow, and if we look closely, we can see that the window frame itself is more like a mouth of shards. – AK Thompson, Black Bloc, White Riot From Port Shutdowns, to Rough Waters, to Paddling through the Doldrums In a series of recent articles from both mainstream … Continued


Occupy AC Transit BBQ & Speakout – Saturday June 30, 2-5pm

The BBQ will feature a speak-out by AC-Transit drivers and riders. There will also be a presentation by Occupy AC-Transit on our current campaign around bus transfers, as well as our plans to not only fight fare increases and worker concessions, but get free bus passes for low-income people and improvements for drivers. Come out and see how you can get involved. We will have free buttons and will be making Occupy AC-Transit t-shirts (bring a blank shirt if you want one). Occupy Oakland committees will also be speaking briefly … Continued


Press Release: Occupy AC-Transit

On Saturday, Occupy AC-Transit, a subcommittee of Occupy Oakland and Occupy Oakland’s BBQ Committee, will co-host a rider-driver Speakout at Arroyo Park in East Oakland. Community members on both sides of the fare transaction will talk about AC-Transit’s institutional racism and classism and how it impacts the lives of both riders and drivers. Along with the Speakout, there will be campaign buttons and t-shirt making which will provide visible signs of solidarity with the ongoing action as it ramps up in the coming months. There will also be workshops, music, … Continued


Nonviolent Caucus Guiding Principles

The agreed upon purpose of Occupy Oakland Nonviolent Caucus (OONV)  is as follows: Consensus decision 2/2/12—1st general meeting It is NOT the purpose of the group to pass NV resolution for all of #OO, but determine what tactics we will engage in to be strategic about a specific goal, and plan actions from there. Also agree not to turn in others to police or try to be “peace police” or to try to enforce NV in others. This covenant was the basis for founding of OONV.  Without this agreement, many … Continued


World Wide Call To Action Funk The War Dance Protest

On September 1, 2012, take to the streets, bring boom boxes, bring drums, bring anti war signs, bring friends. Take the streets and dance in protest to the War in Afghanistan, Drone Strikes is Pakistan, and the pending war in Iran. We ask this in Solidarity from Occupy Bexar. See what we’re up to at 34939


1st of July General Assembly – 2 pm – 19th and Telegraph

GA Hand Raising

The 1st General Assembly of Occupy Oakland in the month of July is this Sunday, and there are a number of interesting proposals that are being put forth, such as: 1. The proposal to endorse and help organize the Occupy Oakland Liberate Everything Conference this summer, geared towards providing a more radical tone and communicating the unique perspective of Occupy Oakland to others and the world, 2. A proposal to jointly plan an Occupy Oakland July 4th action of some sort or another 3. A proposal to deal with the … Continued


Dinner and a Movie at the Lakeview Sit-In, Sunday – 7/1, 6 pm

FROM: The Lakeview Sit-In and People’s School for Public Education Celebrate Day 16 of the Lakeview Sit-In and the People’s School with a community potluck and film screening this Sunday, July 1st, at 6 pm. For two weeks now we’ve been running a free summer program out of occupied Lakeview Elementary, serving over 30 children with programming in social justice, art, PE, and gardening. At the same time, we’ve been organizing to pressure Tony Smith and the school board to reopen all five closed elementary schools, repudiate the state debt, … Continued