‘Occupy Oakland Documentary Portraits’ by Debra Saye – Saturday 5/5/12 at La Peña 4-6pm

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"A tribute to Occupy Oakland and the People who are fighting for the 99%"

Occupy Oakland Documentary Portraits
by Debra Saye

When: Saturday May 5th, 2012

Where: La Peña, 3105 Shattuck near Ashby. Berkeley, CA –click here for directions

Everyone is welcome!

For more information: dlsaye@gmail.com , www.DebraSaye.net


A tribute to Occupy Oakland and the People who are fighting for the 99%

The current economic crisis and the policies that led to it, coupled with the advent of the Internet, have given rise to a new form of protest, the Occupy Movement. Already changing the political discourse, this movement is achieving historical significance.

Occupy Oakland has become an important leader of the movement and this series of photographs seeks to make the protestors real rather than a news soundbite. The intent is to put a human face on the word “occupy” and encourage a greater understanding of the people behind the movement.

I have been photographing Occupy Oakland almost since its inception. As a documentary and fine art photographer, my objective in these photographs is to merge art and politics by capturing the essence of the people and the movement in black-and-white. To better portray the nature of this growing protest I use an edgier style in combination with natural light and un-staged settings.

Occupy Oakland is an evolving part of our history and these photographs aspire to help preserve this moment in time. Occupy Oakland has all of the elements that give meaning to me as a photographer – documenting an important moment in history and the people who make it happen. Although I don’t presume to speak for the movement, I feel privileged to have the opportunity to support the message through my photographs.

With many thanks to Enrique and Ali for their invaluable support.

All proceeds donated to Occupy Oakland. 



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