St. Paul and May 1

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By my understanding, the St.Paul principles call for a separation in time and space of diverse tactics. How can one know, or reasonably expect,  that such separation has been agreed to by the black bloc?  Or, to raise this another way, will  OO attempt to create such separation?  I found it curious that  the announcements of no shields, no masks, etc. for the Pacific Steel Workers march have not led us to realize that such protection should also be extended to children, seniors, non-documented protesters, etc, in every march.

It’s spring, time of rebirth; let us distance OO movement, with all its unlimited potential, from the same old (often ritual) street violence of black bloc.  We need to have a clear contrast between police violence and protester non-violence.  As our over abused populace sees their peaceful advocates being brutalized by state terrorists, our numbers will swell to the point where we will have real, significant, effective power.


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