Occupy Sacramento / Anonymous – FBI Hunts Down Anonymous

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Video; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18CG2evcYoI
Due to Youtube Censorship Exclusive Vimeo Footage; https://vimeo.com/38625345 —The FBI are hunting down ‘Anonymous’ ‘members’ who are involved with a new radical organization called; ‘Order of the Phoenix’.

The operation of OP (Order of the Phoenix) is new and volatile much like the Occupy Walls Street movement but much more structured in terms of leadership and organization. As of now all that is known to the public; is that OP is a new group of Civil Rights activists.

Emphasizing and introducing a third Major component to the protests that we are seeing in the United States. Essentially now there is a 3rd ‘organization’ aligned with OWS / Anonymous. OP joins the struggle to fight unconstitutional laws and the system of taxes and social slavery that is being imposed upon the American people.

A complex system of rules, and taxes. Endless amounts of violations with fees fines and penalties affixed. Order of the Phoenix emphasizes that freedom is being destroyed, because responsibility is being taken away from us, in the form of being punished for hypothetical victims. I.e. “You could have caused and ‘accident’ “.

By restricting responsibility we are unable to learn from natural consequences. Freedom is being usurped slowly as fear of being in violation of the law is ruling our hearts. And to escape our fears we seeks pleasures. TV, Alcohol, anything in excess, and all in vice.

Americas land and resources remain undeveloped and the poor remain on the street, while the rich hoard the land and all the resources of the country. Essentially impeding the progress of humanity.

Its time to rise from the Ash.


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