Me and Chris Hedges agree, can we still be friends?

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So basically, I considered myself a part of occupy since September 1st when I started watching the livestream of the events in Zucotti park, and stopped considering myself a part of Occupy when I heard the attacks on Chris Hedges.  I want to know where I stand. Because everything Chris said,  I agree with. I shut down the Bay Bridge in 1990 to protest the first gulf war, I worked with Act Up, and considered myself a riot girl. I have been arrested, beaten by police, and I will never stop fighting. Like Chris Hedges, I have been involved in this fight since before some of you were born. You should also know that I am unable to afford gas, toll, and parking despite working 6 days a week, so I am rarely able to participate in ga. however, I donate money to the livestream, call media and contact public officials constantly on behalf of occupy, attend demonstrations, and spent my day off at the encampments. I was getting my camping supplies together when the camps were busted. I was very excited about spring. Then some things happened that bothered me. and a lot of people who supported occupy and consideered themselves part of the 99%. I think Chris Hedges summarized our concerns very well. So now I am a neo-liberal blah blah blah whatever. Am I still welcome in Occupy? Do I want to be part of Occupy? For example: trying to free people who are being arrested is a black block tactic. In my tradition, being arrested is an honor. It is also extremely dangerous, and National Lawyers Guild have very specific training to get arrested. Any interference in this process endangers the physical safety of those being arrested. for example — using shields is ineffective against police firepower, and yet when the police fire at people with shields, it generates n0 public outrage. The last thing I did as a member of occupy was listen to “occupy” activists try to argue with Chris Hedges in an online forum. The main arguer was appalled that Chris would use the word “we” when referring to Occupy. “WE” me and Chris Hedges considered ourselves part of Occupy because we have been trying to change the world for a long time. we saw Occupy as part of that movement for change, and so we considered ourselves part of occupy. Our criticisms were meant to help occupy become more effective. I am not an Anarchist. I love the ideal of Anarchy, that we can live together without rules, but realistically, in the US, now? Our tactics must be judged in terms of effectiveness. Our rhetoric must appeal to the 99%. So me and Chris Hedges — are we them, or are we Occupy?


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  1. RussD

    Anarchists that do not toe the NV line are not the cancer in Occupy. If anything it is the RCP and other old left organizations which seek to co-opt Occupy. Or even the insistence that Occupy hew to the time honored methods of social change which the old left groups (and most political groups) have utilized, with little efficacy, for decades.
    Being arrested is only an “honor” if you are some kind of masochist.

  2. David Heatherly

    I think people, including myself, are not as comfortable talking about these topics at this point, and also fatigued. I don’t want to be rude, but think about what you’re saying: you are complaining because some person told Chris Hedges that he wasn’t part of occupy, but you have no problem with Chris Hedges telling a whole segment of the occupy movement that they are a “cancer” that needs to be removed?