Foreclosure Defense Group Update – March 12, 2012

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It’s been another big week with even more coming up.


1. Our proposal to be recognized as a formal committee passed the GA with 98% approval. There’s been a lot of support for the expression of commitments and expectations of membership. Some members of other committees have stepped forward asking if I could direct them to the sources for these kinds of guidelines in the hopes of introducing similar language to their own respective efforts. Link to the proposal

2.UPDATE on the Mrs. Katy Mitchell fight: Chase Bank had offered to negotiate with Mrs. Katy and her family for a loan modification after repeated actions on their branches and the investor that owned the loan, Union Bank. This past week Mrs. Katy decided to take the loan modification offered by Chase!!! Another fight taken public and another win for thev working people of Oakland! This is a “trial modification” though: a 90 day period where payments are made on the understanding that upon completion a permanent modification will be enacted. Banks have screwed people before at this stage and the Mitchell family is all too familiar with this level of chicanery so they know they have to be prepared to bring the fight back to the streets if Chase doubledeals or back pedals. We must remain vigilant as well.

3. Thursday saw a huge turn out to disrupt the foreclosure auction of Nell and Synthia’s home. The OO Housing Network kicked into gear and helped turn people out en masse to successfully block all foreclosure sales that afternoon. Her sale date has been postponed until April 9th so be prepared to pitch in on possible campaigns or actions. Account of the auction disruption here.

GROUP STUFF: We have a printer willing to help us out with street posters and window placards. We also have an offer from someone with some graphic capability to help out with the layout. So canvassing and street propaganda material is on its way. Yay!

NEXT GENERAL MEETING is Sunday 12:30 before the GA at 19th and Telegraph. This is our tentative regular time and place for membership meetings now. Mark it down. We can always change it but it is important now to have a steady and regular meeting schedule and location to help people plug in and get involved. A wordpress site is under construction – facebook should be avoided on general principle and doesn’t really offer the functionality we need. We are also figuring out how our presence on the main site,, can be best utilized and how that compares or competes with the wordpress site design and function. So, we are still figuring it out and relying too heavily on facebook. Meh.

Now that we have official status and some access to minimal funding we will be implementing a text alert system. It will be primarily be used for crucial updates and immediate emergencies related to ongoing fights. This enabling of a rapid response is what saved Gayla’s Newsome’s home from 8 kops, a realtor and a locksmith one day when they tried to barge in on our occupation and people keeping guard. We responded with 50+ people and press on the sidewalk within a half hour of the alarm, got on our phones and started pressuring anyone and everyone including the city attorney, the mayor, the police chief, and Gayla’s council person. We sent the kops and the banks’ flunkie packing. These predators rely on operating undercover to get away with this shit. It’s our job to make it hard on them and shift the fight back onto terrain where we have the advantage.

We’ll let you know the details when we get the payment baloney sorted.

Other info:

  • 3/15: CHECK THIS OUT:  Possible bank action on the 15th? 
  • 3/17: THIS SATURDAY: We will have a table and presence at the first Outreach BBQ/cookout.  Guess what? Every block they canvass doing outreach for the BBQ has a house or two facing foreclosure.  For the BBQ, we could use somebody to print up some business cards with our contact info on them to hand to the folks facing foreclosure. If you got a printer and a little time to run one of those DIY business card programs, hit me up for the info to put on it.  THIS MEANS YOU.  We also might have some of Mrs Katy’s people there too to talk to folks .  And feel free to come on down to Arroyo park to just enjoy some good times and barbecue.  All the time and place info is at the site
  • 5/1 MAYDAY:  At the OO Housing Network meeting, reps from various groups doing housing and land work around OO have started brainstorming on some exciting possibilities and openings for us around the Mayday organizing.  Come to the meeting Sunday to hear what is being planned.
  • 5/3 : MASSIVE DEMO: Wells Fargo shareholders meeting here in San Francisco.  Need I say much more other than planning meetings are being held now all over to make this a big day.  If you have ideas bring them to the Sunday meeting

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