Truth and Reasons for Occupying America’s Streets

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Truth and Reasons for Occupying America’s Streets
If you leave your freedom in the hands of those in public office then you will no longer have that freedom.
Democracy is the fraud of plutocracy!
This is the most important information presently obtainable about the evil forces that are trying to destroy
your family’s lives. Make no mistake, this is the truth and you need to give it your complete attention now.
There is a war going on, the plutocracy’s nominees in governments all over the world are supporting, destroying
and enslaving your family and you. It is already late so you must take action now.

You will learn the truth by Watching these videos: Thrive, Gasland, What in the World are They Spraying, America Freedom to Fascism and The Creature from Jekyll Island.
Start today by watching, making copies and sharing this important information with everyone you know and ask them
to do the same. Join and support occupy movements in your city or town. Become a non-violent protester but defend
yourself from violence.
Your individual support and presence is very important because just one person can make the difference for all of
our freedoms.
Download the torrent: “Truth and Reasons for Occupying America’s Streets.”
Share with 100 of your friends and family and ask them to do the same. Make DVD copies and share them with everyone.
We must all do this selfless act of sharing this very important information with people we do not know to get the word
out or we will all suffer slavery and death.


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