Guy Fawkes and Occupy Movement

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Hello, so I’m sure that these questions have probably been asked several times already, but I’m doing a bit of research on the importance of the Guy Fawkes mask (V For Vendetta) in the Occupy Movement and I’d like to know some of the opinions about how the mask as a symbol connects with the protesters and what it stands for by those who have worn it during the movement (is the mask (including the man(?) behind it) associated more along the lines of the abstract (for example, the mask means liberation, solidarity, social justice, rebellion etc.) or is it simply a matter of its popularity (identity, is it just cool to wear the mask?). Obviously the opinions that are expressed are limited to those who have internet access in this case, thus it is not representative of people who do not use the internet (and of course people who don’t visit this forum). Regardless, I figured that this would be a good place to start in order to formulate a picture of what the mask means to the protesters and nonprotesters (those who have not physically protested, yet sympathize with the movement.) I’d appreciate any input or feedback that pertains to these questions.


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  1. itsagoodlife

    Nonwo, thanks for your comment, personally I thought this particular mask was an interesting choice, because of the context in which it was popularized by the movie (though the artwork is decades older). In that way, I mean that it’s very suiting because the portrayed enemy in American society is incarnated in the form of a terrorist (some critics have argued that V is essentially a terrorist), at least since September 11, 2011. Because the “terrorist” doesn’t have a recognizable face (other than the stereotype of a radical Muslim jihadist etc., which is very political), it’s very ironic that some protesters would use this particular symbol because in a way, it’s mocking how authority can’t put a face on terror; the mask is representing that which cannot be rooted out or destroyed.

  2. nonwo

    I’m glad that you mention the mask and the guy behind the mask. This also relates to the purposed fed. const. amend. The mask is the “person” which comes to us from the ancient Greek theater. The mask or face mask is the real meaning for the term, “person”. It was and is distinct from the living soul behind the mask. therefore the man behind the mask not being the face mask or character he is portraying on the stage, he is not a “person”. Corporations being a legal fiction or the mask is really a “person”. That is why a corporation being a legal fiction and “person” is not people.
    I’d think the Fawkes mask is a perfect ringer for this movement. The mask or character represents the resistance and obscures the real flesh and blood living soul from being identified. photoed, & singled out for attack.