#F14 Make Love, Not War event CORRECTIONS!

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There WILL be a #F14 Make Love, Not War event on Valentine’s Day, HOWEVER, the post with details contains a lot of misinformation!

It is important to note that the rallies starting at 6 PM will be at Fox Park, at 19th & Telegraph, and NOT at the Plaza. This is to include all of our fellow Occupiers who have unjust stay-away orders from the plaza!

At 6 PM, we will hold a “Make Love, Not War” rally in solidarity with Syria, Egypt, and other nations whose people are currently suffering from state and/or police repression.

At 6:30, we will hold a “Reproductive Health” rally, complete with safer sex supply giveaways.

At 7 PM, we will have our “Hella <3 Oakland” march through the downtown area. While people are encouraged to bring candy and flowers to share with fellow marchers, and with bystanders, it is important to note that these things are not to be given to the police. In light of recent events, it would be extremely insensitive to diminish the suffering of the people of Oakland at the hands of OPD in such a way. In the event of potentially repressive police presence, everyone is encouraged to hug and/or kiss someone nearby. While this is still a peaceful and family-friendly event, the police have shown us time and time again that they are NOT our friends and are not to be treated as such.

Sorry for the confusion!
– Elle


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