congratulations ftp!!!

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Your restraint and commitment to peace Saturday night is making oakland residents and authorities to question the continued police harassment of occupy i mean police presence at occupy marches, This is a great victory. God bless you all.


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  1. oaklandresident2

    I hate copy and paste! Yes, OPD is our first line in defence to stop offenders from re-offending.

  2. oaklandresident2

    Trevor, correct me if I’m wrong, but OO is not investigation crimes once they occur! So yes OPD is our f citizens always had a way to contact authorities prior to every crime occurring that would be wonderful, but sadly for the most part not the case. I am aware as a fact that not only OPD but many PDs have in fact prevented crimes from occurring, so you are incorrect! I have experienced first had that OPD has protected me and my children, so you are not correct on that point either! When I witness, first hand a rally, function, march, protest or what ever you want to call it, that results in 4 people stealing city owned equipment, that came from the OO crowd, it leaves me and 40+ people in the room to question, if OO has no control over their own rally (or what ever it was) and once again the city and taxpayers are left to cover the expense, then how could anyone assume that OO has any ability to facilitate any change to anything! It seems that OO is just as out of control as those they are fighting against. It reduces their validity!

  3. trevor

    “And, FYI, it is OPD that is our front line of defence, like it or not, in the murders, robberies and crimes against children.”

    this speaks volumes to the problem. police do not stop crime or maintain order. if your think the cops will keep you safe your mistaken. if you want proof look at the crime rate – cops don’t stop crime. the opd is under receivership because of institutional criminality. if police violence is not news to you but the police are the institution that you rely on to solve violence in your community then your contradictory response to violence is part of the problem and not part of the solution. Its time to wake up and start to hold city officials accountable. OO has done a lot to reveal the cities priorities are not to lower crime, keep schools open, provide services to the poor and needy, or be in any way accountable to its citizenry. Instead the city of Oakland’s primary focus is to gentrify the city, destroy communities, and wipe out any resistance with a violent police force and indiscriminate use of force that will in the end cost the city exactly what was need to keep schools open, provide services and lower crime.

  4. oaklandresident2

    Um, no it’s not! We Oakland residents are so done with OO! AND we residents are now going to have our own march AGINST OO! Please, you really think police brutality is new news to us? What the residents of Oakland really want to know is what action you will take to help? Marching in the streets, documenting your intent to break & enter and threatening the city of Oakland not to FUCK with you has proved useless! So, please engage! Jump in to our fight, it’s been long and tiresome for many of us who have been around long before last October! We residents are waiting and growing less tolerant of your ridiculous distractions! And, FYI, it is OPD that is our front line of defence, like it or not, in the murders, robberies and crimes against children. So we residents are doing our best to find equal ground with OPD. All the while OO and their FPD marches are doing what? For who?