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Rising Tide North America States Solidarity with Occupy Oakland

Rising Tide North America Statement of Solidarity with Occupy Oakland See the original post here. San Francisco, CA– The climate justice group Rising Tide North America released this statement in response to the brutal attack against Occupy Oakland on Jan. 28th by the Oakland Police Department and subsequent lies and misinformation being spread by Oakland Mayor Jean Quan and her administration: “Rising Tide North America stands in solidarity with Occupy Oakland and the marchers in the Jan. 28 “Move In Day” march that was brutally attacked by the Oakland police … Continued



I’m an attorney representing Ahimsa Govinda Windthunder, who was arrested in the mass roundup on 1/28.  I NEED VIDEO OR WITNESSES TO ASSIST IN HIS DEFENSE!  He is accused of throwing rocks at police, but he only threw harmless seed pods from a nearby tree.  Anyone who has video shot between 3-4 p.m. on 1/28, around the Laney College/Convention Center area please respond and I will make arrangements to view/copy it from you.  Unfortunately Mr. Windthunder is facing very serious charges that could easily land him in state prison based … Continued


<3 Girl from the north<3

There once was a girl from the north, For revolution, she did come forth Until, like pie- She vanished, oh my! I miss you, girl from the north…. 18588


I need to talk to one of the organizers

A friend contacted me from back east and after reading about the flag burning suggested that a better method of protest using the flag should be considered, since the flag burning has resulted in many former supporters pulling back from the movment.  He suggests the organizers take a look at the 99% Stars and Stripes flag being used in New England and offers to supply a few for your protest marches.  See the “Occupy Wall Street Protest Flags 2011” on http://www.loeser.us/flags/protest.html for a picture of the flag.  Could somebody on the … Continued


congratulations ftp!!!

Your restraint and commitment to peace Saturday night is making oakland residents and authorities to question the continued police harassment of occupy i mean police presence at occupy marches, This is a great victory. God bless you all. 18311


What the hell, OO?

okay, i admit that <3 the girl from eugene<3 was cryptic, even for a haiku, but really? Youre just gonna delete it? I spent a solid hour and a half after getting home coming up with it. :'( And yes, i realize that was ALOT more time than most people would need to come up with a friggin haiku, but I’m mentally disabled for shit’s sake! I was just trying to document my affection for a girl who i had met at OO. :'( i hope youre proud of kicking … Continued