We hear you!

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I was hoping things would not come to this.  I am from Riverside County, and I have seen the vids on YouTube and the news reports and again on our Occupy FB page.  When I see the fighting, I feel like I have a emptiness in my gut.  Sometimes fighting seems like the right thing to do.  I have fought in a riot In Watsonville in the 80’s.  At the time it was such a rush, but then a man almost got killed, and others were hospitalized.  We don’t need to do this!  We cannot win this fight unless we employ non violent resistance.  We have more power using non violent methods. The police have more physical power, YOU have more political power. The world hears your protests!  So many have your back.  You have many choices, use them wisely.  Thank You for listening. ~~~Liandre


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