Open letter to the fool who set the flag on fire

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Journalists show up at actions to do a job. And that job is to interview people, to take pictures, to tell a story.

But the narrative is set before the action starts. The journalists will only record and the paper will only publish images and words that fit that specific narrative- which in regards to the Occupy Movement and OO especially, is “OMG LOOK AT THESE YOUNG PUNKS, THEY JUST WANT TO STIR UP TROUBLE!”

When that flag was set afire you gave the media EXACTLY what they wanted.

I’ve spent a lot of time in NYC and DC at the occupations there. I am on your side. But that image made my stomach turn. Imagine how the rest of America feels. To me, me the flag is a symbol of what we aspire to be. It means a lot of things to a lot of different people. Did you ever consider that?

Has hatred consumed you? Can you REALLY open your heart to your fellow working man/woman? Can you even open your heart to your fellow occupier, at this point? Are we just like THEM?

To the occupiers of Oakland, to the rest of you: look into those responsible for burning that flag. The act itself was so crude and divisive…. I would not be the least surprised if those responsible are agent provocateurs.


One Response to “Open letter to the fool who set the flag on fire”

  1. nonwo

    Jaybirdows I’m sure means well. However, he is misinformed along w/ the rest of the brain washed people. the tri color is the flag of the U.S. see T4 USC 1. The U.S. is Wash., D.C. & not Kalf. Additionally, this flag has the fed. fringe on it – gold fringe along 3 edges. Folks that means that is a martial flag or mil. flag. belonging to the comm.-in-cheat. Now the question ought to be what’s a mil. flag doing in a civil municipal ofc? We now have the duty to educate ourselves about this flag and of course the public. I doubt that the OAK mayor knows what this flag means. If she does she is treasonous.