Are Oakland Police “brutal?”

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Since the day when Scott Olsen was wounded, I have observed that the police are much more calm, restrained, and organized. I cannot say the same for the protesters. They seem to be flailing around with the simplest, unachievable plans (e.g., “Move-In Day”) and are certainly making the police look good!

Now, ask that question about police in Syria or China, and I might say “yes.”


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  1. Americans4secessioN

    tomorrow night (Saturday) will be the first ” FTP March against Police Brutality ” look under the upcoming events section . they will be marching on the police department headquarters and everyone is supposed to wear black . its described as militant and warns peaceful people to not attend . supposedly this will be taking place every Saturday night from now on this march on the police department go check it out . i cant wait to see the outcome of this march lol

  2. duderville

    OK, most protestors are peaceful. BUT, you must take a stand against those who condone and would use violence and destruction. I remember during the general strike, one protestor tried to break the windows on the Whole Foods store. A group of OO protestors grabbed them and prevented it. You may be getting support from those who are dedicated protestors, but many of the real 99% in Oakland are just trying to survive and don’t appreciate seeing their city trashed. Re-read the teachings of Ghandi and Martin Luther King!

  3. MyTownOaktown

    I mean, I agree with Marco01. We announce we’re going to be illegal, we provoke the police, and then we’re surprised we’re arrested? OO is just making itself look bad and the cops look good.

  4. younggringos

    I’m still trying to figure out how I provoked the police.
    Maybe you can help.
    I walked with a large group of peaceful people down a street.
    I never heard an order to disperse.
    I was arrested.

    Was I arrested for what someone did earlier in the day? How is that right?

    I expect the police to be fuckers, but being arrested for non-dispersal without being given an opportunity to disperse? Every lawyer I’ve talked to says that’s bullshit- er, excuse me, FOUL.

  5. charleyk

    ‘Police are calmer’ hides much that happens almost every day.

    Post-Olsen, OPD&co regularly detains reports and targets cameras. They swing batons. They use military gear like flash bangs tasers and tear gas on nonviolent demonstrators. They conceal badge numbers and names. They speak with open cynical hatred.

    Keep in mind, in most of these cases the police had no necessity of feeling angry or behaving violently. If a demonstrator is sitting at an illegal gathering the police could politely chat while carrying the person to the bus.

    OPD is not individuals over-reacting. It is an organized policy which the mayor has never disavowed, to punish political speech deemed unacceptable.

  6. marco01

    It seems many occupiers just expect the police to let them have the run of the city where ever and for as long as they like. You provoke the police and then cry foul when they respond.