Kochupy My iPhone

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Rumpelstiltskin’s got nothing on the Koch brothers. At least the imp gave something which no one else could to the poor miller’s daughter before demanding her first-born son! But in today’s America, the Koch brothers — no less creepy than Rumpelstiltskin — will provide a service, charge you higher than most for it, trample the competition offering the same or better service for a lower price, and, yes, even spy on you.   And their net is spreading ever wider, with no end in sight, it seems. How can any business deal be kept from you if a program such as Carrier IQ is embedded deep into the phone, recording keystrokes? 

The Murdoch scandal speaks volumes. A media company hacking into private phones of private citizens, and using the information for profit–and leverage. Yet, Fox News silence on it speaks louder. These people are collecting your data, your information, and using it to stifle you. To rob you of free speech, to erode your rights, to curtail your means of a having livelihood of dignity. Check the news and see the patterns,and opt out…

What price can you place on your freedom?

CREDO is a phone company which promises you that they have no subversive, except one: To eradicate the unfair monopoly of the Conservative Agenda for Americans. The Koch Brothers are everywhere. In Oil, in Big Pharma, in Banking, in Agri-business (Food industry), in Communications… Just how much power can a person have, before they begin to use it?

Or maybe they already are…



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