Is Occupy Oakland Hella Powerless?

Categories: Reflections

Does this poster look like a political suicide note to anyone else?

To me it looks like Occupy wants to plunge the West Coast in darkness.

Not to sound like a feminazi, but …

… on a power cord, the “male end” connects the load, the device that consumes power, to the supply.

When you cut the cord, the load receives no more power.

The generator still works just fine, only the load suffers.

Someone must see this design as a prediction.

Does it foretell the intention of the true Occupy organizers?

Is that intention to make the 99% even more powerless?

Are we gonna take this?



3 Responses to “Is Occupy Oakland Hella Powerless?”

  1. Dan Sing

    Holy shit. You’re right, Maxine, it does. What does this mean?

  2. sweetpea

    oh geez, that’s just perfect. i can’t imagine it was an accident; what are they thinking? does the media commitee not notice? come on!

  3. Maxine Holz

    San Diego? Long Beach? Los Angeles? Anchorage? Who else is missing?