Events Committee and Occupy Oakland Bridge Caucus Present: Conversations on Non-violence and Resistance

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A weekend of presentations and discussions on non-violent movements and diversity of tactics

Saturday December 10th

(Please attend the Indigenous Solidarity Teach-In from 3-5pm right before this event!)

5-6pm Former Black Panther discusses the Civil Rights Movement and black liberation.

6-7pm Workshop on non-violence and diversity of tactics

7-8pm ”Gandhi and the Politics of Nonviolence” a lecture by UT Austin professor Snehal Shingavi, filmed at Occupy Austin

Sunday December 11th

6-7pm Strikes, Occupations, Rebellions- Historical uses of diversity of tactics within struggles in the U.S. and beyond

7-8pm “Black Bloc Tactics-10 Quick Points!” filmed presentation by Harsha Walia, South Asian activist, based in Vancouver)

Conversations on Non-violence and Resistance flier PDF



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