Bail Policy of Occupy Oakland

Categories: Anti-Repression Committee

The Bail Policy for Occupy Oakland as approved by the GA

What to do If you are arrested or know someone who has been arrested :

Call the NLG hotline – 415-285-1011 – the NLG will ask for the name of the person arrested and other information regarding the incidentThe NLG will track your case and help you legally. If you are not cited and released and need to be bailed out the  NLG and the  Anti Repression Committee will track your case.

Bail will only be posted after the arraignment, unless there are emergency circumstances such as torture or police brutality in jail, medical conditions, immigration status, pressing family issues ( have children that no one can help watch while you are in jail). The reason for this is that during an arraignment charges are often dropped or bail is significantly lowered. 

 The Anti Repression Committee is responsible for Bail. We will set up the arrangements for Bail but need someone who knows you to be willing to meet us at the bails bondsman to sign for your release. Please be ready to provide the lawyer or the Anti Repression Committee with the name and contact information for the person who will sign for you .

Once Bond has been posted the Anti Repression will help arrange for someone to pick the arrestee up from jail.

If you have any questions or know someone who needs legal support please contact

If you  are arrested and have prior charges or currently have a pending warrant you must come to court on the date of your arraignment in order for the NLG lawyers to help you.


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