ACTION….Please call City of Oakland chief Arborist, Mitchell Thompson

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Today please call City of Oakland Arborist, Mitchell Thompson  (phone is  510-615-5568 ) and demand that he tell his dept. of Public Works to STOP flooding the park square with water to saturate and flood the soil which will cause the ancient oak tree to drown due to lack of oxygen to the root system.  Over watering the soil can also cause fungus to grow on the tree and kill it as well.  Store from yesterday 12/7/11  in the East Bay Express is here….

You can read about tree care in this article so you can articulate your concern to Mr. Thompson.  Thanks and please share this on your FB page as well : )



One Response to “ACTION….Please call City of Oakland chief Arborist, Mitchell Thompson”

  1. wiseoldsnail

    we delivered this message in public to the mayor and councilmembers at a council meeting a couple of weeks ago. they don’t care. they’ll just blame the murder of the tree on us. sad.