Process For Submitting An Event – PLEASE READ

Categories: Open Mic

As the events committee, its not our intention or desire to filter who does or does not get to perform or speak or teach at #Occupy Oakland.

Our goal is to coordinate a daily program of events that is balanced (read: sometimes political, sometimes entertaining, ideally both) and organized (read: mindful of the fact that we only have one stage and one sound system).

For this reason, we ask that all event proposals are submitted at least one week in advance.

If you do not submit your event one week in advance, we will still consider putting it on the calendar so long as it doesn’t conflict with anything else. Of course, you’re still a free person and can hold your event whenever you please, but it will not be officially endorsed by #Occupy Oakland. Priority for spaces (such as the amphitheater) and sound equipment will go to official #Occupy Oakland events.

If you’re interested in speaking, performing, dancing, teaching, or doing any other kind of event at #Occupy Oakland, please send an email to with the following information:

-What is your event?
-When do you wish to hold your event?
-Do you need to use the #OO speakers and/or mic? If so, how many mics?
-How long is your event?


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