Occupy Oakland Community Discussion Forum

Categories: Open Mic

Gentrification. Police. White supremacy. Heteronormativity. Islamaphobia. Diversity of tactics. Non violence.

These topics, like so many others, bring up a vast array of different emotions and thoughts for different people.

This Thursday evening at 5, the events committee is hosting what will hopefully be the first of many Community Discussion Forums.

This idea was brought forth after many conversations with many people who all said the same thing: Before we can make decisions together, we need to understand each other.

The people in attendance will vote on a topic, and then participate in a moderated conversation that facilitates stepping up/stepping back, respect, and listening. Its not a debate. Its a conversation.

This is an experiment and we would love for you to be a part of it. See you at the Plaza, this Thursday at 5PM.

Questions? Suggestions? Email: Events@occupyoakland.org


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