NON-VIOLENCE — SCLC Protocol for Marches Eliminates Provocateurs

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Southern Christian Leadership Conference in Atlanta is the nation’s torch bearer for non-violent protest. They have a section headed by Dr. LaFayette that provides training all over the world.

Now if it is not too much trouble, please call 404.522.1420 extension 176 and ask Damien Conners if he could provide liaison to the SCLC’s non-violence program for your Occupy site.

Despite denials, appearance of dozens of young white vandals and arsonists at the Oakland events has to be seen to mirror agent provocateur tactics. Similar paramilitary assets were deployed in Italy — at Genoa in 2001 and Rome 2011. Also and without the customary black masks to generate a riot at US Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C on October 8th. in 2011.

SCLC is very good at eliminating provocateurs from protest marches.

Non-violence is how you win.



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