circle of solidarity

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Howdy. First post here. Id like to propose a March to reach out to the greater Oakland community. I propose a full circle of people around 3 mile lake merritt in the heart of the city. It could allow the movement to stretch out so to speak, and demonstrate our connection to the oakland, the broader community, all ows camps, and the world. It could be combined with a day of speakers, music, events, etc., and culminate with a human circle around lake Merritt. Lets show Oakland and the world some love! Peace and cheers.


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  1. margaret

    I know it was meant as a positive proposal, and I commend what you are trying to do. I just don’t think we can trust the more hostile among us to treat the park with any respect, whether through careless disregard for what appears to be an “inanimate” space or a deliberate effort to tarnish the image of OO. I agree that we’ll go nowhere if we can’t gather peacefully which is why I am so concerned about the people who have tried to prevent that from occuring.

  2. breal

    …I do see your point about inadvertent destruction. But there aren’t really any windows to break or property to destroy around the lake…which makes it a relatively safe place to gather.

  3. breal

    This post has nothing to do with promoting any sort of violence or property destruction whatsoever. Its proposing the opposite. A gathering place to welcome the broader community into the 99 fold. If we can’t gather peacefully anywhere, we’ll go nowhere in this movement. The 99 camp is looking divisive and isolated these days. We need to demonstrate the PEOPLES claim to all parts of the city, not just downtown. 2 more cents. Peace.

  4. margaret

    Lake Merritt provides an oasis for all Oaklanders, rich and poor. Whatever is in our own hearts, we have proven so far that as a large GROUP we are too confused, co-dependant and infiltrated to protect it from being defaced. Smaller outreach groups committed to helping the people of Oakland(as someone else suggested) would win more friends than would inadvertantly destroying an important community resource.

  5. breal

    The notion is to build positive relations to the broader community. We start in our own backyard, in the geographical heart of Oakland – lake Merritt. This movement will fail if violence and destruction are used and officially allowed or not condemned. Violence only begets violence and repression. The black blocers will do what they will do, but not in the name of occupy. We need to build a coalition, not a minority of reactions to the state of affairs. We
    need people on our side- the 99%-to realize a true majority. Right now less than 50% of people are supporting occupy.they will realize their need to get involved if we broaden our appeal. 2 cents.

  6. IndigoVII

    It is the 1% decisions and control of resources we are trying to change because they do not represent the majority. Not the individual wealthy people in their homes. This is bigger than here. It’s bigger than costs to Oakland. Although I think it’s a great idea.

  7. occupysteroaklamd

    Yes, stop more traffic, kill more business, cost the city more money. I propose a march to Broadway in SF where the real 1% is.

  8. David Heatherly

    I like the idea, it’s great!

    I’m ready to march, but the whole thing needs to be explicitly non-violent and non-destructive.