March to Piedmont? Because that’s where the money is.

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Someone at a City Council meeting pointed out the other day that there are no 1%ers in Oakland, why are we protesting here?

Well, I love my town and I want to see Occupy flourish and grow here, but it’s not a bad idea to branch out a little now and then.

Why not march up to Piedmont park? I think we might find some 1%ers up there to take our message to.

We will be dropping by the next GA to put this forward.


5 Responses to “March to Piedmont? Because that’s where the money is.”

  1. Nancy Oakes

    FABULOUS IDEA! Maybe you can destroy all public support before the holidays so that we can all ring in the New Year without you. Nice work!

  2. miccheck

    I don’t want to target anyone. I don’t even consider the 1% to be the enemy. I want to promote an idea of enlightened self-interest for everyone including the 1%. They actually seem to be breaking the system upon which their own wealth depends. Short-sighted and narrow-minded policies are destroying both our economic system and our environment. By taking a longer term and broader view of self interest I hope we can all see that by allowing others to come to harm we literally hurt ourselves. That goes for the environment as well.

  3. layah

    well lets not forget they pay taxes but all those go to the city of Piedmont and not to Oakland YET they still use all of Oakland resources for free. i think marching to piedmont is an awesome idea

  4. miccheck

    Actually there might well be some 0.1% people in Piedmont. Anyway, I am not suggesting that we loot and pillage, I just propose a peaceful march sharing our message of equality. Also, I don’t know why you think OO has become marginalized. It seems to me that we are gaining momentum all the time.

  5. yagz

    I think its unfair to target people just because they obtained wealth, especially if you don’t know the circumstances of how they obtained it. Who’s to say they didn’t work their ass off to get where they are? What if they created a business that in turn created many local jobs? Lets not forget that the real enemy we are fighting is the 0.1% OF THE 1%. The people in piedmont are NOT THOSE PEOPLE, not even close. This is a bad move and will further marginalize the OO movement.