Winter Warnings: ‘Occupy’ Staying Alive

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Local authorities have varying degrees of leeway to require ‘citizens’ to vacate ‘public’ spaces in the name of ‘health and safety’. For example, when the temperature drops below a certain level ‘homeless’ persons in some cities are not given a choice when it comes to placement in shelters. The survival of the movement during the winter months can learn a lot from the survival skills that homeless persons have developed over years of staying alive “outside”.

In places like New York City, homeless children ‘occupy’ the rooftop of buildings and abandon subway tunnels. In some cases, officials in cities like NYC have either given up on or reach a stalemate with the homeless persons that are occupying various spaces in their cities. Consider channeling the ‘active’ and ‘aggressive’ effort of city officials to blunt the ‘Occupy’ protest into spaces and places that have been abandon to a growing number of the most destitute members of our society.

Please consider and share your suggestions about options to deal with the ‘cold’ and the leverage that the winter months offers officials that are counting on the ‘temperature’ to have a chilling affect on the movement.

For example:

  1. Flash protests in various and sundry places – modeled after flash mobs mobilized using social media and electronic devices.
  2. Share and leverage the media attention directed at the movement by occupying some of the same places and types of places homeless persons occupy as a matter of survival.

What do you suggest? Please visit 23 Occupy URLs listed below and share your strategies and tactics for the winter months.

We The People” initiative:



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