Resistance Training for Occupy Oakland!

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How do we retain an uncompromising analysis of the violence of the status quo, including corporate capitalism, racism, and the police system that upholds both, while transcending the tired dynamics of us (the self-righteous good guys) and them (in this case corporate execs and cops)? How do we channel our anger into resistance of systems rather than struggles with individual figureheads for those systems?

Join us for three mini…-workshops on Saturday, October 22:

9am-noon Making It Personal: Understanding the Violence of the Status Quo: In this workshop, we’ll connect our personal suffering (often understood as “merely”’ psychological) with social trauma connected to systemic violence. We’ll also fan out and listen to as many people at the protest as we can, and then come together to share what we heard.

1-3:30pm Nonviolence Training: This workshop is for those who, understanding the violence of the status quo, are interested in interrupting that violence with nonviolence. We’ll discuss what we can learn from past movements and how it might be applied to these circumstances.

4-5:30pm Loving Our Enemies: We will gather to do a loving-kindness meditation for everyone in the 99%, and then, if we can, extend it to the 1% and to the police in the area. Then we’ll debrief what that was like and what it means for our ongoing occupation.

Meet in the northernmost part of the ampitheater area of the plaza. In the event that Occupy Oakland ends before 10/22, we will meet at St. Mary’s Center, 925 Brockhurst (at San Pablo and 32nd).

Come to one or all three workshops.

Contact us at 510-225-8561 or


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