Media meeting notes 10/29

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1. New PR/ Babysitting Comittee
2. Press Releases
3. Strike Media
4. Infrustructure
5. Livestreaming


1. New PR / Babysitting Comittee
* There has been a desire expressed to have people to escort the media through the camp and being an intentional media guide. The idea isn’t fully fleshed out but this is not intended to be spokespeople for the camp. They aren’t supposed to be speaking to the media, just directing the attention to people that are good at dealing with the media.
* This was already set up in the pre-raid infrustructure. This is an all-eyes on the media project, and that all people present on the media team would be trying to direct the media through the appropriate channels
2. Press Releases
* A quick point was made that we should have more press releases, and shorter ones. More sucinct and to the point
3. Strike Media – Report
* Two nights ago at the GA, there was a strike meeting that split into 4 subcommittees, one of them was strike media.
* Their perogative has been exclusively the General Strike. They put out a call for “story-tellers”
* These story-tellers will be presented for a press conference, to tell their stories.
* Story-tellers should email
* Media team relationship with strike media committee: one of cooperation, but two separate teams. We have a few liasons, to make sure we’re not doubling work or stepping on toes
* Shon, Liz, and Allan Brill have been working on the write-up for press releases with Strike Media
4. Infrustructure
* We have been around since day 1. There’s a lot of moving parts: we’ve had an active twitter account, facebook streams, now theres a lot of new people. So there’s structural conflicts. Before there’s new ideas, try to ask people that have been here for a while so there’s no overlapping work or stepping on toes. There should be meeting notes posted on the website.
* We have 2 new 3tb drives. They have AC Adaptors but also on 12v. We have the issue of storing equipment. There isn’t any infrustructure for keeping equipment safe yet, so we have people individually taking care of the drives. We want one of the hard drives to be an off-site backup.
5. Livestreaming
* Majority of GAs are livestreaming. List of setups need to be sent out to the list
* Should we be streaming the process, subcommittees meetings?
* Priority: We need better equipment, how do we livestream the General Strike.
* There are a few tools. Bamboozer is one of them for cell phones
* Live stream team put together. E-mail addresses gathered


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