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Saturday, October 15 at 1:30: What Does Racism Have to Do with It? Come Find Out!

At Seminary of the Street, we are aware that some white occupiers have raised questions about what racism has to do with protesting Wall Street, what a critique of the police has to do with that, and why they might be asked to leave a meeting of a subcommittee on issues faced by people of color. We are coordinating some antiracism trainers to be available for those conversations on Saturday, October 15, at 1:30. We’ll have materials available that explain the role that racism has played and continues to play in the economic exploitation of the 99%. All are welcome to come with a spirit of respect and inquiry. For now, here are a couple of good background articles:

Occupied Movements, Colonized Minds by Eda Uca-Dorn

So Real It Hurts: Thoughts on Occupy Wall Street by Manissa McCleave Maharawal


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  1. paula

    This is the problem with the current occupy movements and the functioning of white racism in general (and unfortunately its not only white people who espouse it). Its the hostile need for Whiteness to always be “present” in a POC space when we NEED to figure things out amongst ourselves. This is not racist (as racism has not and does not work this way), this is REALITY, and dealing with the epic wrongs that have been done in the name of Whiteness and that is often continued by mostly white people in this country, whether conservative, liberal, radical, is to speak truth about our present power relations with the hopes of fundamentally transforming them. This has everything to do with economics as race has been central to mask economic injustice within the U.S. And this is important to the majority of POC now because under this system we still cannot meet our most basic needs.
    Please do the self-reflective study and work needed to be effective before we cause further divisions. Exploited peoples (and lets not play it is often black and brown working class/working poor folks) getting together to try and make sense of how we are going to negotiate these power dynamics, humanize ourselves and figure stuff out without the constant presence of whiteness and supremacy in our face is not the problem. White racism and all of its destructive exploitation is the problem! I really would not mind if whites got together to do this necessary anti-racist work so our conversations do not have to be so painful, usually falling on the brunt of POC to describe for you to “get it.” Times are too urgent for that now.

  2. michelle

    I would like to be present for this discussion. I do agree it is important for people of color to be in this movement, but it is absolutely ludicrous to ask ANYONE to leave ANY meeting. The tone of every GA has been inclusive and inviting. I don’t know whose idea it was to leave people out, but that goes against what folks have been preaching from the get go.

  3. Drew

    As a black man I oppose the approach of asking white occupiers to leave any subcommittee meetings simply because of their skin color. I’ll be heading to SF instead.

    You guys need to get your shit together. If you want to start a race based movement I’m in but if you want to turn a broad general movement against Wall Street into a race specific factions….well…Your proving your own stupidity and deligitimizing the movement as a whole.