Feminist Vigilante March 10/05/12 Photos


Wow! Easily over 150 feminists and supporters marched last night (oct.05.2012) on the streets of Oakland. If they get attack the bash back, and more! A lot of supporters of all colors and shapes along the way. And like always, some Oakland Police cops making angry faces like waiting for an excuse to beat people up. 41741


March to the Lakeview School Sit-In 6/23/2012 Photos+Video


Over 300 people participated on the march to the Lakeview School Sit-In on Saturday June 23, 2012. Support Lakeview School:   Sign the petition: Donate food or supplies: your contributions are always welcome, bring them down to Lakeview! Sign-up to recieve emergency text blasts text “Lakeviewsitin” to 41411 WEB: EMAIL: Visit: The Lakeview Elementary Sit-in is located 746 Grand Avenue in Oakland – directly across the street from the Lake Merritt Farmer’s Market and kitty corner from the Grand Lake Theater.   34580


OccupyTheFarm – The Gill Tract Farm Solidarity March – 5/9/12 Photos

2012-05-09_0000 (100)

OccupyTheFarm – The Gill Tract Farm Solidarity March – 5/9/12 Photos   Want to speak with Vice Chancellor Dan Mogoluf directly? Call his personal cell phone at (510) 919-6954 and tell him that you support the Occupiers and that… Farmland is for farming, not developers! Occupy the Farm on Facebook: 30737