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Good Will Hunting Warned Us About Corporate Greed and the Rising Kleptocracy Years Ago

GOOD WILL HUNTING WARNED US ABOUT CORPORATE GREED AND THE RISING KLEPTOCRACY YEARS AGO Global Revolution 1: American Revolution 2: Day 65: Communication 1 IronBoltBruce’s Kleptocracy Chronicles for 20 Nov 2011 (g1a2d0065c1) How many examples of greed and corruption must you see before you act? In his job interview at the NSA (‘N’ow ‘S’pying on ‘A’mericans), “Good Will Hunting” warned us about corporate greed and the rising Kleptocracy, and everything Matt Damon said back in 1997 applies equally if not more so today.  In under three minutes, here’s a big … Continued