The Town Hella Needs a Raise!!!!!
Mar 27 @ 11:00 pm – Mar 28 @ 1:00 am

East Bay Hotel & Food Service Workers Take It to the Streets of Oakland!

Facebook event page

East Bay hotel, restaurant and stadium workers are marching for our jobs, our rights and OUR POWER! We are fighting for a higher minimum wage and good jobs that pay us what we need to survive and thrive in the Bay Area in 2014!

Join hotel housekeepers, hot dog vendors from the Coliseum, and airport restaurant workers who are fighting for good contracts – along with fast food workers fighting for $15 an hour and a union, and the Lift Up Oakland! coalition to raise the minimum wage!

“I work at the Oakland Airport, and we’re in a hard fight to keep our families out of poverty, but we’re not fighting alone. We’ve been joining up with Walmart workers, fast food workers, and everyone else who is struggling to pay their rent in the Bay Area. Now we’re going out on the streets in downtown Oakland to show the whole city how strong we are when we’re together!” said Nancy Moncada, retail clerk at the Oakland Airport.

“I believe that it is really important for all of us to come together on March 27th, because when my co-workers from the Coliseum unite with hotel and airport workers we have real strength. We did this five years ago, and we won good contracts, now is the time to make this action even bigger,” said Johnny Stake, a longtime Oakland resident and Coliseum stand worker.


Si se puede!!!
UNITE HERE Local 2850

Justice for Alex Nieto! March Against Police Violence and the Takeover of Our Communities. @ Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
Mar 29 @ 9:00 pm – Mar 30 @ 12:00 am

Gather at 2pm, then we will take to the streets at 3pm. Bring your body down. Bring a friend or a hundred. We will march to honor Alex Nieto and all the countless many black and brown young men murdered by those thugs in uniform. We will march for our friends and families getting kicked out of their homes. We will march to stand up and fight back against the takeover of our communities by the forces of capital and their human agents who have too much money for how little heart they possess.

Stand up and be counted.

Protest “Sit/Lie” in front of Macy’s. “First they came for the Homeless…” @ Macy's San Francisco, Geary Side
Mar 29 @ 10:00 pm – 11:30 pm


Protest SIT / LIE   

 A revisit to Macy’s to thank them for their support of the inhumane sit/lie ‘law’
which criminalizes our homeless sisters and brothers

– we have the signs, cardboard & sharpies, bring yourself / friends / family & sit for your human & civil right to sit down –

UC Berkeley: Graduate Student Workers Strike! @ UC Berkeley
Apr 2 – Apr 3 all-day

April 2-3, 2014

Wednesday, April 2 Schedule:

8:00 AM – American Federation of Teachers Hosts Breakfast

8:00 to 10:00 – First Picket Line Shift!
(Rhetoric, Film, Music, EECS, Latin American Studies)

10:00 to 12:00 – Second Picket Line Shift!
(Comp. Lit, Classics, Education, French, Philosophy)

12:00 to 1:30 – MASS RALLY ON SPROUL


1:30 to 3:30 – Third Picket Line Shift!
(City planning, Public Health, Sociology, History, Geography, English)

3:30 to 5:30 – Fourth Picket Line Shift!
(Political Science, Social Welfare, Anthropology)


March and Picket at Vanguard Properties: Eviction Free San Francisco @ 24th St. BART, SF
Apr 2 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Join Eviction Free San Francisco for a spirited lunchtime march and picket at Vanguard Properties to demand that Michael Harrison of Vanguard Properties rescind the Ellis Act eviction of Benito Santiago!

Meet at 24th street BART station and march to Vanguard Properties at 2501 Mission Street at 21st.

Co-founder of Vanguard Properties Michael Harrison is currently using the Ellis Act to attempt and evict long-term tenant and native San Franciscan Benito Santiago.

Benito Santiago is a senior and disabled Filipino resident of the Duboce Triangle. He was born and raised in San Francisco. Benito is a teacher for the San Francisco unified school district where he teaches dance to children. He received his first eviction notice the day before Thanksgiving, on November 24th 2013. Benito has been organizing with Eviction Free San Francisco to fight his eviction.

Michael Harrison is a “property flipper”: his shell company Pineapple Boy LLC bought Benito’s home in November 2013 and tried to evict Benito and the two other tenants immediately. Vanguard Properties is currently involved in a number of luxury property developments in the Mission District including the development at 19th and Valencia that in February 2014 set record sale prices for the neighborhood with a 2 bedroom rental apartment going for $10,500 /month.

Facebook Event.

Endorsed by Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco, Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, Our Mission NO Eviction, San Francisco Senior and Disability Action, Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), San Francisco Tenants Union, POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE, Mission SRO Collaborative, Bill Sorro Housing Program (BiSHoP), Tenants Together, Manilatown Heritage Foundation, Causa Justa Just Cause, Gray Panthers, New York City Anti- Eviction Network

UC Berkeley: Graduate Student Workers Strike! @ UC Berkeley
Apr 3 – Apr 4 all-day

April 2-3, 2014

Thursday, April 3 Schedule:

8:00 AM – American Federation of Teachers Hosts Breakfast

8:00 to 10:00 – First Picket Line Shift!
(Art History, Social Welfare, City planning, Public Health, Rhetoric)

10:00 to 12:00 – TEACH-IN on SPROUL
12:00 to 2:00 – Second Picket Line Shift!
(Education, Sociology, Economics, Student Learning Center)

(All departments come!)

4:00 to 6:00 – Third Picket Line Shift!
(Latin American Studies, Film, Music, Philosophy)


Emergency Picket Line @ 6 AM Campbell Hall UC Berkeley! @ Campbell Hall
Apr 4 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Emergency Picket Line needed TOMORROW Thursday April 3rd 6 AM Campell Hall UC Berkeley!

Tomorrow there will be a militant picket line in solidarity with UC Santa Cruz UAW that were attacked and arrested. Police used tasers while forcefully opening the west entrance to campus.

Picket  at the Campbell hall construction site on UC Berkeley where union workers won’t cross @ 6:00 am sharp. We need about 30 to 50 people so please forward to as many people as possible!

Families United March on State Capitol Sacramento @ State Capitol
Apr 8 @ 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

ATTENTION ALL FAMILIES WHO HAS BEEN A VICTIM OF POLICE TERRORISM join us as we march on State Capital Sacramento during Crime Victim Day April 8, 2014. Please organize your communities and unite with us as we speak out against State Attorney General Kamala Harris for turning a blind eye under the Color of Law. Let’s organized now to address the Peace Officers Bill of Rights, Police Terrorism, and failure to resolve gun violence in our communities. Those families harmed by Gun Violence that are still seeking justice and an investigation into the killing of your Love one, please join us. Lack of forensic labs or non efficient labs must be addressed. Please share this with your network. “We are only as strong as our UNITY”


National Day of Action: Spies, Lies and Secret Files. Press Conference in SF. @ Northern California Regional Intelligence Center
Apr 10 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
April 10th is the National Day of Action against Fusion Centers. Protests, rallies, and teach-ins will take place in cities all over the country to draw attention to the spy centers in our midst. Fusion Centers facilitate the gathering, storing, and sharing of intelligence data that bares our lives and violate our basic human rights to privacy and civil liberties. There are an estimated 85 fusion centers all over the United States.

There will be two Bay Area events:

Press Conference at NCRIC Fusion Center in San Francisco

11:00am – Thursday, April 10
Northern California Regional Intelligence Center
450 Golden Gate Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94102

Oakland Press Conference / Rally at City Hall

6:00pm – Thursday, April 10
Oakland City Hall, Oscar Grant Plaza amphitheater
14th & Broadway
Oakland, CA

National Day of Action: Spies, Lies and Secret Files. Rally in Oakland!
Apr 11 @ 1:00 am – 3:00 am
April 10th is the National Day of Action against Fusion Centers. Protests, rallies, and teach-ins will take place in cities all over the country to draw attention to the spy centers in our midst. Fusion Centers facilitate the gathering, storing, and sharing of intelligence data that bares our lives and violate our basic human rights to privacy and civil liberties. There are an estimated 85 fusion centers all over the United States.

There will be two Bay Area events:

Press Conference at NCRIC Fusion Center in San Francisco

11:00am – Thursday, April 10
Northern California Regional Intelligence Center
450 Golden Gate Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94102

Oakland Press Conference / Rally at City Hall

6:00pm – Thursday, April 10
Oscar Grant Plaza Amphitheater
14th & Broadway
Oakland, CA

Protest Against Staples – Protest to Keep Living Wage Jobs at the Post Office. @ berkeley staples
Apr 12 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Join American Postal Worker Union members protesting against Post Office counters in Staples stores staffed by low wage Staples employees instead of living wage Postal Union members.

Apr 13 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

The Robin Hood Committee needs your help gathering signatures to place two initiatives on the November ballot. The initiatives will create $4.5 million for affordable housing and other city services in Berkeley by taxing the windfall profits of large landlords. Right now, Berkeley tenants are paying more than $100 million a year in excess rent, wealth that is taken out of our community. We can recapture a fraction of that by putting these measures to a vote of the people.

Join us this Sunday to pick up petitions and a partner for signature gathering.

Cant make it Sunday or want petitions earlier? Call us at 1-510-548-FAH-1. The Robin Hood Committee is supported by the Green Party of Alameda County, Councilmembers Worthington and Arreguin, Rent Board members Stephens, Harr, Soto-Vigil and Townley, the Berkeley Tenants Union and many others.
The Windfall Profits Tax on High Rents Initiative will raise the business license tax on residential rental units by 1.9%, but exempts small live-in and low-income landlords with less than 10 units. It also reduces the tax for units occupied by long-term tenants with moderate rents. In order not to discourage new construction, it allows a 20 year exemption from the increase starting with initial occupancy of the building. This is expected to raise $4.5 million annually for the City’s general fund to start with, rising as units occupied by long-term tenants turn over, as 20 year exemptions expire and as rents continue to rise. The tax cannot be passed on to tenants, since current tenants are protected by the city’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance.
The Affordable Housing Initiative will require the City Council to set aside at least $3 million annually for the Housing Trust Fund, which is used to develop affordable housing for low-income people either through new construction or acquisition and rehabilitation of existing housing by non-profit organizations. Once passed by the voters, Council will have 120 days to do a fiscal analysis and determine whether to accept the measure or to reduce or veto the allocation. The $3 million set-aside is expected to derive from the windfall profits tax revenue described above. Activists consider passage of the tax measure to be the best means of ensuring that the City can invest in affordable housing without reducing other needed services.
Background: Rents in Berkeley are rising to record highs, bringing windfall profits to most landlords while tenant incomes remain stagnant. Rents are going up because Berkeley is a very desirable place to live, not because landlords have so greatly improved the buildings they own. A strong Bay Area economy and public investments in the University, transit, parks and other public services all make Berkeley an attractive place to live. When public activities increase the value of private property it is only fair that the public recapture a small fraction of the value we the people create and use it for public benefit rather than allowing it all to be taken for private profit.
Before 1999 Berkeley had a strong rent control system that only allowed landlords to raise rents enough to provide a constitutionally required fair return on their investment but did not allow windfall profits at the expense of tenants. In 1999 the State legislature imposed �vacancy decontrol�, which now allows landlords to raise rents without limit whenever a new tenant moves in.
As a result, 85% of Berkeley’s older rentals have had vacancy increases. Tenants are now paying more than $100 million annually in additional rent, over and above what is needed to provide landlords with a fair return on their investment. Real, inflation-adjusted rents have gone up by more than 50% yet Berkeley’s landlords are taking out permits for building renovations equal in value to less than 3% of their massive annual rent increases. This transfer of wealth from Berkeley tenants to landlords, the majority of whom live outside of Berkeley, drains money from the community and increases demands for public services of all kinds, from social services to subsidized housing to public safety.

P.S. We only have until May 10 � we need you today!

Global Day Against Military Spending. @ Federal Building, Oakland
Apr 14 – Apr 15 all-day

Global Day Against Military Spending, Monday, April 14

Join the Bay Area New Priorities Campaign and folks from more than a dozen peace & justice organizations to  distribute a GDAMS brochure to commuters at BART stations during morning and evening rush hours.  Below is a list of BART stations and contact info.

Press conference
In front of the Federal Building, 13th & Clay, downtown Oakland, CA, 11:30 am
Speakers will include leaders from the faith community, a representative of Congresswoman Barbara Lee, County Supervisor Wilma Chan, and a representative of Mayors for Peace.

The press conference will be followed at noon by a “Living Graveyard” vigil to honor the lives lost in the Afghan and Iraq wars and draw attention to the social costs of military spending. The Living Graveyard is organized by Ecumenical Peace Institute and the East Bay Coalition to Support Self-Rule for Iraqis.

For additional contact information about BART actions:   <>

San Francisco
Embarcadero BART Station,    7-8:45 am
Rozali Telbis       <>

Powell Street BART Station,     9-10 am
99% Coalition  <>

Montgomery Street BART Station,  4-6 pm
Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom SF

Civic Center BART Station,   7-9 am
Physicians for Social Responsibility   <>

16th Street/Mission BART Station,  noon-1 pm
Kathy Lipscomb  <>

24th Street/Mission BART Station
noon-1 pm  SEIU 1021 Peace & Solidarity Committee    <>
4 pm    Veterans for Peace

Glen Park BART Station, 7-9 am
AFSC/SF Friends Meeting    <>

Wednesday April 16,  5:30-6:30 pm
Place : Montgomery Street BART Station

Downtown Berkeley BART Station, 7:15-9:15 am
Grandmothers Against War   <>

Ashby BART Station, 7-9 am
Grandmothers Against War   <>

North Berkeley BART Station, 7-9 AM
Asian Americans for Peace & Justice <>

El Cerrito
El Cerrito Plaza BART station,  6:30-8:30 am
El Cerrito Democratic Club <>  & East Bay Peace Action

El Cerrito del Norte BART Station, 6:30-8:30 am
East Bay Peace Action   <>

West Oakland BART Station,   7:30-9:30    Women for Genuine Security
<> <>
4-7 pm    Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom EBay

12th Street BART Station,  7-9 am
Fellowship of Reconciliation  <>

19th Street BART Station,  7-9 am
Fellowship of Reconciliation  <>

MacArthur BART Station,  7-9 am, 4-6 pm
Western States Legal Foundation    <>

Piedmont Ave Area, 7-9 am
Piedmont Peace Group

Rockridge BART Station,  7-9 am
Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club   <>

Lake Merritt BART Station,  7-9 am
Oakland Educational Association (tbc)

Fruitvale BART Station, 7-9 am    Bay Area Labor Committee for Peace & Justice   <>
4-6 pm   School of the Americas Watch <robertnixon@mindspring>, Oakland Catholic Worker

San Leandro
San Leandro BART Station,  7-8:30 am,  School of the Americas Watch   <>

Hayward BART Station,  7-9 am
South Alameda County Peace & Justice Coalition  <>

South Hayward
South Hayward BART Station,  7-9 am
Hayward Democratic Club   <>

Place: Dublin/Pleasanton BART Station,   7:30-9 am
Tri-Valley CARES    <>

Place: Richmond BART Station, 7-9 pm
Richmond Progressive Alliance

Concord BART Station,  6:30-8 am
Mt. Diablo Peace & Justice Center   <>

Place : Lafayette BART Station, 6:30-8 am
Mt. Diablo Peace & Justice Center   <>

North Concord/Martinez
North Concord/Martinez BART Station, 6:30-8 am
Mt. Diablo Peace & Justice Center   <>

Orinda BART Station, 6:30-8 am
Mt. Diablo Peace & Justice Center   <>

Pittsburg/Bay Point
Pittsburg/Bay Point BART Station, 6:30-8 am
Mt. Diablo Peace & Justice Center   <>

Pleasant Hill
Place: Lafayette BART Station, 6:30-8 am
Mt. Diablo Peace & Justice Center   <>

Walnut Creek
Walnut Creek BART Station, 6:30-8 am
Mt. Diablo Peace & Justice Center   <>


Protest Against Staples – Protest to Keep Living Wage Jobs at the Post Office. @ El Cerrito Staples, across from BART Station
Apr 14 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Join American Postal Worker Union members protesting against Post Office counters in Staples stores staffed by low wage Staples employees instead of living wage Postal Union members.

Save Knowland Park Rally @ Oakland Zoo entrance
Apr 19 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

SATURDAY, April 19, 10 am-1pm: SAVE THIS DATE for our big Friends of Knowland Park Earth Day Rally at the Oakland Zoo entrance!

SPECIAL GUESTS: COUNTRY JOE MCDONALD and the duo of Hali Hammer and Randy Berge! If you can only come out to help with one thing, this is it! Our goal is to turn out even more people than our last successful rally, so please come and bring your friends!

SHOWING UP MATTERS. Homemade signs are great—we will have a bunch, but bring your own if you can (or organize your own sign-making party and we’ll contribute materials!) We’ll have music, fun, some surprises and inspiration! The great places that have been saved, from Yosemite down to small bayside parcels, have been saved because lots of ordinary people took a stand and fought to protect them. This is ours – time to take to the street and stand up for what you believe in! Watch our new video!

Oakland Zoo is at the intersection of Golf Links Road and Mountain Blvd. Allow time for parking on nearby streets and walking to zoo entrance; please carpool, if possible. Let us know if you have something special you could contribute to make it a fun and fruitful rally. Bring water, sunscreen, lunch and plan a picnic in Knowland Park after the rally! Please RSVP to so we have a rough head count for planning purposes.

Stop Staples: US Mail is Not for Sale! National Day of Action. @ San Francisco & San Leandro and all over the United States.
Apr 24 @ 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

National website.

Local actions:

Time: 10:00 AM
Address: 1700 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94109

Time: 1:00 PM
Address: 15555 East 14th Street #200, San Leandro, CA 94578

Berkeley Post Office Defenders and Save the Berkeley Post Office will be supporting these actions.

 Staples attacks good jobs and public post offices.

Staples and the U.S. Postal Service have cut a deal that jeopardizes your mail service and your local post office. In fact, post offices across the country are at risk – along with thousands of good jobs.

The Staples deal will replace full-service U.S. Post Offices with knock-off post offices in Staples stores that are not staffed with U.S. Postal Service employees.

A bad deal for workers and consumers.

You have a right to post offices staffed by workers who are accountable to you and the American people. You have a right to postal services provided by highly trained, uniformed Postal Service employees, who are sworn to safeguard your mail – whether it’s at the Post Office or Staples.

The Staples deal is bad for consumers like you who will pay the same for less service. And if Staples and the USPS move forward with this deal, it could lead to the end of the Postal Service as we know it.

Undermining good jobs.

In the meantime, the Staples deal is replacing good-paying jobs that our community depends on with low-wage jobs that hurt our economy.


May Day March in Oakland @ Fruitvale Bart Station Plaza
May 1 @ 10:30 pm – May 2 @ 1:00 am

March with community members from across the Bay Area in the streets of Oakland!

3:30PM: Fruitvale Bart Plaza Opening Rally
4 pm: March Starts
5:30: Return to Fruitvale Bart Plaza for Closing Rally and Celebration!

Hosted by Oakland Sin Frontera (OSF) and Partners

Oakland Sin Frontera


Facebook Event & RSVP.

UC Berkeley Redwood Massacre: Day of Education & Action and Qualcomm Privatization @ Jacobs Hall Site, UC Berkeley
May 5 @ 7:00 pm – May 6 @ 12:00 am
      As the April 12th construction groundbreaking ceremony for the controversial UCB Jacobs Hall site at Ridge and Le Roy, community outrage grew about the planned destruction of a beautiful redwood grove, the damage inflicted to the neighborhood’s historical character, and major concerns about the privatized funding in general and Qualcomm’s untrustworthiness in particular. Instead of addressing the concerns of the community transparently, the University cowardly transferred the ceremony to a location that was undisclosed to protestors, intentionally suppressing their first-amendment right to express legitimate grievances publicly. Over the past several weeks, they have utilized typical tactics such as protestor intimidation, massive police presence, and lying about the project timetable. After the ceremony they moved quickly to level the site, leaving a heartbreakingly desolate scene. Caring activists returned several days later to honor the fallen trees and plant new ones in their place, expressing a renewed commitment to preserving this as forested open public space for student and community use. Now it is time to ramp up the efforts to educate one another about the many problems surrounding this project, and mobilize the community in order to prevent the University from moving any further forward with this contentious development. Please join us this Monday May 5th from 12-5pm for a day of teach-outs, organizing discussions, planting, volleyball, and picnicking. Below you will find more information about the issues that have been raised with this project.


      Neighborhood preservation groups and community members have cried out that this project further damages the historic character of this north-side region, both due to the increased exposure of Soda hall’s north face after the tree removal, as well as the addition of Jacob’s Hall. The volleyball court served as an important community building resource for Computer Scientists and others, and its removal represents a loss of valuable outdoor public common space. The redwood trees provided an excellent shady space for students to congregate for study and discussion, and the sturdy well-spaced branches could afford an exhilarating and safe climbing experience. This redwood grove destruction echoes the callousness shown by the University when they removed the Memorial Oak Grove in 2008 despite passionate and convincing please about the importance of saving this unique and sacred large-tree grove, and in spite of the Berkeley laws which prohibit the removal of large Oak trees within city limits. The University has the nerve to offer an offensive token concession that they will use the tree’s body to manufacture some of the building’s furniture, which only serves as a greenwashing measure while addressing none of the real concerns.


      Paul Jacobs is providing $20 million for the Design Institute from his family’s Qualcomm money, which is problematic due to a number of serious ethical and legal concerns. UC Regent Sherry Lansing is suspected of serious conflict of interest violations due to involvement with brokering UC investment deals with Qualcomm while simultaneously serving on their corporate board. The San Diego based company is potentially untrustworthy as a partner because they are under scrutiny for allegedly colluding with the NSA to design illegal and dangerous backdoors in their mobile phone wireless chips, and they are also the focus of a major anti-monopoly probe by the Chinese government. Even without definitively proving the criminality of Qualcomm, one should be quite concerned about the erosive effect that corporate privatized funding arrangements have on the University’s integrity and culture, and also suspicious that our public funding has been intentionally slashed over the decades in order to justify the encroachment of corporate entities into our precious public sphere.
      You are encouraged to express your condemnation of the Jacobs Hall tree removal and privatized funding arrangement in as many venues and formats as possible. It is crucial that we succeed in reaching out to more students, faculty and community members in order to educate people, inspire deep discussion, and mobilize around the possibility of preserving this space for both trees and people to enjoy without the intrusion of a contentious building. Feel free to join us this Monday May 5th from 12-5pm for a day of education and action, and stay tuned for more events throughout the week and month. We wish those lovely old trees were still with us, but we look forward coming together in their honor and moving forward with love and creativity.


      Sincerely, The Open University


      The Open University is a working group that was born out of Occupy Cal in November 2011, that has continued to use diverse tactics to address the crucial issues identified by this populist activist coalition. We believe in integrative big-picture activism, and are passionate about helping create more community, transparency, wisdom, sustainability, and balance in the world. We stand firmly against inequality, exploitation, discrimination, brainwashing, oppression, torture, militarism, privatization, corporatization, surveillance, colonialism, ecocide and genocide. We coordinate research about historical and current critical struggles which implicate our University, and arrange teach-outs by students, faculty and community members about repressed radical topics in outdoor spaces on campus. We reclaim public common spaces in service of coalition building, discussion facilitation, and as venues for direct action in the name of positive change. We also perform hard-hitting political guerrilla theatre in high-impact environments, which viscerally inspires the public to ask tough questions, and challenges the acceptability of the administration’s behavior in high profile spaces that they are accustomed to dominating. We are an open group of trust-worthy, dedicated, and experienced activists who welcome collaboration with anyone who genuinely cares about saving the world.
Governor Brown: Why is California trying to build more jails? @ State Building, SF
May 14 @ 8:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Did you know Governor Brown will release his revised 2014-15 budget proposal tomorrow?

In recent years we’ve seen $15 billion dollars of cuts to social safety net programs, and we know to build a stronger healthier California for everyone we need invest in programs not prisons.

Folks across California are furious that the the Governor has proposed more prison spending including $500 million to build new jails.

On Wednesday, we’ll be joining up with the California Partnership organizing rallies and press conferences across the state.

Can you can join us and help get the word out?

Statewide Day of Action – Wednesday May 14th

San Francisco
Time: 1:30pm
Location: State Building 350 McAllister Street


FF15: Global Fast Food Workers Strike @ 10:30 AM rendezvous:
May 15 – May 16 all-day

Join striking fast food workers and allies from 36 countries and 150 U.S. cities, including Oakland, as we call out some of the world’s worst corporate behavior. With success in exposing widespread wage theft and in the wake of new reports showing an industry with the largest pay gaps between CEOs and workers, we’re demanding change, $15 for workers and a union.

5:30 AM Meet at ACCE Oakland Offices 2501 International Blvd
10:30 AM Meet at 14th St and Alice the Library in Downtown Oakland, 135 14th St.