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7th Annual Reclaim King’s Radical Legacy Weekend
7th Annual Reclaim King’s Radical Legacy Weekend
Jan 16 all-day
It’s that time of year again! The 7th Annual Reclaim King’s Radical Legacy Weekend will take place January 15th-18th 2020. This year’s theme is Re-Imagine. Reimagine and remember King’s unrealized dream. Oaklanders have a dream: We dream of a total transformation of how Oakland defines and implements public safety. We dream of REfunding our communities with 50% of OPD’s dollars to create true public safety. We dream of housing our unhoused. We dream of being able to afford our rent. We dream of an equitable and competent response to our … Continued
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1:00 pm Eco-Socialism Workshops @ Online
Eco-Socialism Workshops @ Online
Jan 16 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Green Eco-Socialist Network – 3 part series with David Cobb, Meleiza Figueroa, David Bond, Chey Bell! Join us for a deep dive into Eco-Socialism, and learn how the capitalist status quo deprives us of our human rights and aspirations. The first presentation in this 3-part series is an introduction to Eco-Socialism vs. Capitalism including a discussion of what Eco-Socialism may mean to you. The world we need and deserve is not only possible, it is an imperative. We and our children will not survive the status quo. Event is FREE … Continued