Community Meal and Mask Giveaway
Nov 26 @ 11:00 am – 2:00 pm


Help! Santa’s Homeless!
Nov 27 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Meet: Cable Car turnout, Powell and Market Streets, then march to the Westfield Shopping Complex
This year, Santa and Mrs. Claus are coming to San Francisco early. They want to tell everyone about their grim situation because they know they aren’t alone. Similar, urgent problems are also affecting countless others — homelessness, sickness, joblessness, you name it. It’s called climate breakdown and social chaos caused by a broken, greedy economic system.

We’re gathering at the Cable Car turnout, Powell and Market Streets, at 1:00 pm sharp. Then we’ll march with the Claus family to the Westfield Shopping Complex. We’re going to be very nice to Santa and Mrs. Claus but very naughty to “business-as-usual” considerations so the Claus family can have a tent-home while they’re here. Together, we’ll demand the City of San Francisco take immediate action to help the Claus family and save our city from the coming extinction of all life forms on Earth.

So grab your Santa hat and join us! Celebrate as we raise a tent for Santa and Mrs. Claus, standing up for the children of the world!

Omni Commons Mutual Aid @ Omni Commons
Nov 28 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Sunday Morning at the Marxist Library @ ONLINE, VIA 'ZOOM'
Nov 29 @ 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Sun, Nov 15, 2020: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
The Ongoing War on Syria & Why it Matters |
Rick Sterling will discuss the current situation in Syria and future prospects if Biden assumes the Presidency. Unreported in mainstream media, the US and allies continue to wage hybrid warfare on Syria – economically, politically, judicially and militarily. Why does the US persist in attacking Syria, preventing it from recovering and harming millions of Syrians? Will this change with a Democrat in the White House?  Why has this struggle become a focal point of East – West conflict? What are the best and worst things that could happen?
   Rick Sterling is on the Steering Committee of Syria Solidarity Movement.

He is an independent journalist who has written many articles about Syria..
The meeting will be opened up, as usual, at 10:15 for anyone to join and discuss technical matters, catch up with each other, say Hi, etc. We Intend to start the presentation as close to 10:30 am as possible. The program (and recording) will end at 12:30, but the Waiting Room will remain open for informal discussion.

Raj Sahai’s Zoom Meeting. (TO BE CONFIRMED)

Sun Nov 15, 2020 10:15am – 1:15pm Pacific Time

Meeting ID: 259 108 2607

Passcode: 6MwQP7


Sun, Nov 22, 2020: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

How the US Dominates the World Economy: Failings of Modern Monetary Theory and why the US can print trillions of dollars and not experience inflation.

Stansfield Smith will explain how the US control of the world economy since the end of World War II has enabled it to bully the world’s countries into depending on the US dollar and using it as the international currency. This requires world countries to amass quantities of dollars to operate and to pay the cost of upholding the value of the dollar, which includes investing in the growing US debt. This also explains how the US can use its economic sanctions to punish countries that seek independence from US control. While Modern Monetary Theory gives an account of why the US can continue to print vast sums of money and suffer little inflation, its explanation avoids confronting the reality of US control of the world financial structure.

Stansfield Smith’s presentation is based on his articles: Inadequacy of Modern Monetary Theory and the Power of the US Dollar in the World Economy and Why the US Can Keep Increasing its Debt and not Suffer Inflation.
Stan Smith has been involved in the Freedom for the Cuban Five movement and the movements in defense of the sovereignty of El Salvador, Cuba, Venezuela, and other Latin American countries for 40 years. He has written numerous articles such as: First Two Months in Power: Hitler vs. TrumpWhat North Koreans ThinkFraming North KoreaIs Russia imperialistChina’s International Solidarity Aid to the World During the Corona PandemicChomsky and Other Liberal Intellectuals Ask Us to Join Them in Throwing in the Towel. He produces a weekly compendium of articles on Latin America at


Sun, Nov 29, 2020: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm (Thanksgiving weekend)
TENTATIVE: Abhinav Sinha on the International Working Class
Our speaker is editor of the renowned Hindi magazine ‘Muktikami Chhatron-Yuvaon ka Aahwan.’

Sun, Dec 6, 2020: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
The Logic of Capitalist Production and Marx’s Ecology
Even many Marxists are convinced that Marx believed in production without limitations, and thus Marx was oblivious to the question of ecology of the planet. Today the world is caught in a double jeopardy: on one hand capitalism is reducing workers’ organized bargaining power by production shifted to lowest wage countries pitting workers of one country against another and on the other capitalist production is consuming the resources of the planet provided by Nature rapidly while massively polluting land, water, and air. Since the fall of the USSR, China has been touted as the successful model of socialism using the capitalist market, or what is termed as “Market-Socialism”. This leads workers in US with no hope unlike in 1930s when they saw hope after the revolution in the USSR and workers had state power and were constructing socialism. A section of the US workers were drawn to a demagogue, namely Trump in the US and in India a majority of workers followed another demagogue: Modi in India. This trend is also developing in other countries. Raj Sahai will analyze this situation in the first hour and then in the second invite comments from the audience.

Dr. Benjamin Madley, “An American Genocide” Zoom Presentation @ Online
Nov 29 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Please join us for this Zoom meeting using the link below:
Meeting ID: 871 1943 8221
Passcode: 025469
Dial by your location +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)

Dr. Benjamin Madley, author of An American Genocide: The United States and the California Indian Catastrophe, 1846-1873

We are honored to be able to present Professor Benjamin Madley at this holiday weekend Zoom meeting. In our quest to educate ourselves about American history, and after celebrating our most American holiday, Thanksgiving, it is fitting that we look closely at the history of our country, and our state in particular.

Professor Madley is Associate Professor of History at UCLA, where he writes about Native America, the United States, and colonialism in world history. Born in Redding, California, he spent much of his childhood in Karuk Country near the Oregon border where he became interested in relationships between colonizers and Indigenous peoples. He will speak about his break-through book, published by Yale University Press, An American Genocide: The United States and the California Indian Catastrophe, 1846-1873.

Madley describes pre-contact California before explaining how the Gold Rush stirred vigilante violence against California Indians. He narrates the rise of a state-sanctioned killing machine and the broad societal, judicial, and political support for genocide. Many participated: vigilantes, volunteer state militiamen, U.S. Army soldiers, U.S. congressmen, California governors, and others. The state and federal governments spent at least $1,700,000 on campaigns against California Indians.

This book received the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for History, the Raphael Lemkin Book Award from the Institute for the Study of Genocide, the Charles Redd Center / Phi Alpha Theta Award for the Best Book on the American West, the California Book Awards Gold Medal for Californiana, and many other awards. According to former California Governor Jerry Brown, “Madley corrects the record with his gripping story of what really happened: the actual genocide of a vibrant civilization, thousands of years in the making.”

Potluck before Occupy Oakland General Assembly @ Oscar Grant Plaza or basement of Omni basement if raining
Nov 29 @ 2:00 pm – 3:15 pm

Feed The People!

The last Sunday of every month attendees of the OO GA get together a little earlier than usual, at 2 PM (3 PM during DST) to share some food with each other and the community.  There should be a table, utensils/plates, meat and veggie entrees and whatnot, courtesy of the Kitchen Committee (such at he is), so just bring yourself, or something to share as well if you’d like.

The Occupy Oakland General Assembly meets every Sunday at 3 PM at the Oscar Grant Plaza amphitheater at 14th Street & Broadway in the amphitheater. If it is raining (as in RAINING, not just misting) at 3:00 PM we meet in the basement of the Omni Collective, 4799 Shattuck Ave., Oakland. During the warmer months we meet at 4 PM at the plaza.

The OO General Assembly has met on a continuous basis for more than five years! Our General Assembly is a participatory gathering of Oakland community members and beyond, where everyone who shows up is treated equally . Our Assembly and the process we have collectively cultivated strives to reach agreement while building community.

At the GA committees, caucuses, and loosely associated groups whose representatives come voluntarily report on past and future actions, with discussion. If you like, just come and hear all the organizing being done! Occupy Oakland encourages political activity that is decentralized and welcomes diverse voices and actions into the movement.

General Assembly Standard Agenda

  1. Welcome & Introductions
  2. Reports from Committees, Caucuses, & Independent Organizations
  3. Announcements
  4. (Optional) Discussion Topic

Occupy Oakland activities and contact info for some Bay Area Groups with past or present Occupy Oakland members.

Occupy Oakland Web Committee: (
Occupy Oakland Kitchen Committee: (
Strike Debt Bay Area :
Berkeley Post Office Defenders:
Alan Blueford Center 4 Justice:
Oakland Privacy Working Group:
Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity:
Bay Area AntiRepression:
Biblioteca Popular:
Interfaith Tent:
Port Truckers Solidarity:
Bay Area Intifada:
Transport Workers Solidarity:
Fresh Juice Party (aka Chalkupy)
Sudo Room:
Omni Collective:
First They Came for the Homeless:
Sunflower Alliance:
Bay Area Public School:

San Francisco based groups:
Occupy Bay Area United:
Occupy Forum: (see OBAU above)
San Francisco Projection Department:


Abolition Then and Now: Robin D. G. Kelley and Isaac Julien @ ONLINE, VIA 'ZOOM'
Dec 1 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Join historian Robin D. G Kelley and artist Isaac Julien for an online conversation about the anti-slavery movements of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and current abolitionist uprisings against racist police brutality and the prison industrial complex. The conversation is informed by “Lessons of the Hour-Frederick Douglass” (2019), Julien’s immersive, ten-screen film installation about the famed abolitionist currently on view at McEvoy Arts. The conversation takes place online via Zoom on Wednesday, December 1, 2020 at 12pm PST. Attendance is free with registration.

With excerpts of his speeches and dramatizations of his private and public milieus, ‘Lessons’ offers a contemplative, poetic journey into Douglass’ zeitgeist and a forceful suggestion that the lessons of the abolitionist’s hour have yet to be learned. The installation is joined by Julien’s tintype portraits and mise-en-scenes photographs of the film’s subjects as well as “When Living is a Protest,” an exhibition of modern and contemporary photography from the McEvoy Family Collection curated by Mark Nash and “New Labor Movements” a daily resonant film program curated by Leila Weefur that explores contemporary visions of America and concepts of transnational Blackness. The exhibitions are on view through March 13, 2021. Admission is free.

Isaac Julien’s pioneering artistic practice incorporates the moving image, photography, and installation to create open-ended narratives through physical and sensorial immersion. Robin D. G. Kelley is a Professor in the Department of African American Studies at UCLA. His research explores the history of social movements in the U.S., the African Diaspora, and Africa; black intellectuals; music; visual culture; contemporary urban studies; historiography; poverty studies; and ethnography. This event is co-presented with the Institute of the Arts and Sciences at the University of California, Santa Cruz as part of UC Santa Cruz’s ‘Visualizing Abolition’ series.


Community Dialogs – Mass Incarceration and Higher Education @ Online
Dec 1 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

We’re excited to announce Community Dialogs, a public education program offering events on topics related to mass incarceration and higher education. Events will feature guest speakers including students, our local community, and national experts; film and book discussion groups featuring Mount Tamalpais College faculty; and online workshops free of charge.

The first event is scheduled for Tuesday, December 1, 6:30pm-7:45pm, and will feature the premiere screening of With This Knowledge, a short documentary series following two former students on their reentry journey. Film subjects Sumit Lal and Sajad Shakoor, and filmmaker R.J. Lozada will discuss the film, facilitated by Aly Tamboura. Please RSVP for this free virtual event here.

We hope to see you there!

With warm regards,
Mount Tamalpais College


Socialist Night School: Why the Working Class? @ ONLINE, VIA 'ZOOM'
Dec 1 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Socialists talk a lot about the working class. Why is that? Well, we think workers play a particular role under capitalism that makes them central in the fight for socialism. As the main producers of society’s wealth, workers have the potential power to halt the system. What does it mean to build this power and how does that inform our organizing today?

Join the East Bay DSA Political Education Committee for a discussion of these questions and more!

Reading + Listening

Hal Draper, Why the Working Class

Vivek Chibber, Why the Working Class

Video: Why Do Socialists Talk So Much About Workers? with Vivek Chibber (Optional)


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 847 8310 5991

Password: 897028

One tap mobile

+16699006833,,84783105991#,,,,0#,,897028# US (San Jose)

+13462487799,,84783105991#,,,,0#,,897028# US (Houston)

Anti-Racism 101: How to Show Up For Racial Justice @ ONLINE, VIA 'ZOOM'
Dec 3 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
If you are feeling called to action but are not sure how to or where to begin, this workshop is for you.
In this introductory workshop, we’ll start by understanding systemic racism as a system of advantage rooted in the beliefs and institutionalization of white supremacy, rather than a product of individuals who are “good” or “bad”.
We’ll also discuss how individuals can engage in an ongoing practice of anti-racism to actively dismantle racism in their daily lives.
Attendees will have opportunities to engage in small-group dialogue and create a plan for taking at least one action in support of racial justice within their personal spheres of influence. Join us as we come together in community to learn, empower, and participate in change.
This workshop welcomes anyone who would like to participate, but it is especially well-suited for white people who are:
In the early stages of exploring what it means to be a white anti-racist
Seeking to grow their skills in analyzing and discussing the effects of racism
Feeling compelled to take action to create a more just world
This event will be held on Zoom, and a computer or smartphone will be required.
Closed captioning can be offered.
This event will be offered only in English; we have not yet built capacity for translation to other languages.
This workshop has a suggested registration fee on a sliding scale of $0-30 to accommodate participants of all class backgrounds. Please contribute what feels right to you.
At least 70% of all registration fees collected will be passed to SURJ Bay Area’s accountability partners, who are Black, Indigenous, and people of color-led organizations doing racial justice movement work. A small portion of funds will be allocated to support SURJ’s operations.
Ectopia 2050 – Ecology Center Lecture Series @ Online
Dec 3 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm


Ecotopia 2050 is designed as a 5 Episode speaker discussion series with the first episode serving as an introduction/prelude to the event. The speaker discussion series is paired with corresponding book club meetings that give participants a more intimate opportunity to discuss the themes of the book in the community.

Based on the 1975 blockbuster utopian novel Ecotopia, this discussion and book club event series revisit some of the futuristic visions of the Ernest Callenbach classic. His visionary ideas, and those of his generation, that he so skillfully captured in Ecotopia are a fascinating amalgam of technical, economic, societal, and cultural transformations. They are predictive on so many levels, and the series will explore what has come true, what remains on the list of things to do that were proposed, and what new visions we might begin to pull together in the construction of an updated Ecotopian vision of today.

Registration Instructions
1. Choose your experience (single episode) or full series
2. Are you joining the book club? *choose the add on
Note: You must be registered for the full series if you register for book club.
3. Check out.
4. A secure Zoom link will be sent 24 hours ahead of event time to registered email.

Limited Income $60 full series $20 single episode
Membership $90 full series $25 single episode
General admission $110 series $35 single episode

No-one turned away for lack of funds.
EC Scholarship Request form here
Zoom Letter-Writing Party To Protect The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge! @ ONLINE, VIA 'ZOOM'
Dec 4 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

This is a letter-writing party to get together on Zoom and write letters together for this campaign organized by XR DC.

Join Zoom Meeting

Info about the campaign:

The Trump administration is working to open Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to oil mining before leaving office in January. This is something that climate deniers and extinction profiteers have been trying to accomplish for decades, but was too extreme for even the George W. Bush administration. Now, after the election, and with no hope of holding onto power, they’re trying to rush it through on their way out.

From November 17 through December 17 the Bureau of Land Management is taking nominations for land tracts to be auctioned and leased to oil companies. They’ve divided the coastal plain of ANWR up into potential tracts and are seeking suggestions on which tracts would be best for oil extraction and/or input on how their existing delineation of the tracts should be changed. After the nomination period they will publish a lease notice, announcing which tracts they intend to make available at an auction. Once they publish the lease notice they are required to wait 30 days before auctioning off the mining rights. With the Presidential inauguration taking place on January 20, 2021, they have a very narrow window of time to review all tract nominations and publish their lease notice. Any delay in this process, even a matter of hours, could result in the lease not being finalized until after President Biden is sworn in, effectively killing the deal.


Submit as many letters as possible to the Alaska Bureau of Land Management. These should be notes or letters, not actual (or fake) lease tract nominations.

Some potential submission strategies:

  • Write a love letter to the future, to your grandchildren, to the planet.
  • Write personal letters to the BLM Alaska employees, letting them know the consequences of their actions and what they could do to help. Encourage them to delay the nomination review by dragging their feet. Remind them that they might need a bathroom break, or a cup of coffee. Get creative.


NOTE: Interfering with a federal submission process could potentially be a crime. Posing as an oil exploration company and submitting legitimate seeming nominations could potentially add to the seriousness of this and increase the likelihood of an investigation. We do not recommend you include any identifying information, including your name, contact info, address, etc.


State Director
Bureau of Land Management, Alaska State Office
222 West 7th Avenue, Mailstop 13
Anchorage, AK 99513-7504

Please mail your letters as you have them ready. Rather than delivering a giant pile of these all at once, we want a constant barrage that they can’t keep up with. To reach Anchorage by the deadline (December 17) all letters must be mailed no later than December 9 with normal postage. Also consider sending them from different zip codes so that they will not all have identical postmarks.

Alec Karakatsanis on “Usual Cruelty: The Complicity of Lawyers…” @ Online
Dec 4 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Carl Dix will be in conversation with Alec Karakatsanis.

This virtual program will stream on YouTube and FaceBook
To register for the event, go here.

Alec Karakatsanis is interested in what society chooses to punish. For example, it is a crime in most of America for poor people to wager in the streets over dice; dice-wagers can be seized, searched, have their assets forfeited, and be locked in cages. It’s perfectly fine, by contrast, for people to wager over international currencies, mortgages, or the global supply of wheat.

Alec Karakatsanis is also troubled by how the legal system works when it is trying to punish people. The bail system, for example, is meant to ensure that people return for court dates. But it has morphed into a way to lock up poor people who have not been convicted of anything. He’s so concerned about this that he has personally sued court systems across the country, resulting in literally tens of thousands of people being released from jail when their money bail was found to be unconstitutional.

“[Usual Cruelty is] a devastating indictment of the legal profession by one of our most important young lawyers, Usual Cruelty cuts to the core of what is critical to understand about our legal system, and about ourselves. Every law student and lawyer should read this book.”
—Anthony D. Romero, exec. director, American Civil Liberties Union

Usual Cruelty is available at Revolution Books in Harlem, or at RB’s online store here:

Read an excerpt from Usual Cruelty about the money bail system in Time magazine here:

Alec Karakatsanis is a former public defender. He is the founder of the Civil Rights Corps, an organization designed to advocate for racial justice and bring systemic civil rights cases on behalf of impoverished people. He was named the 2016 Trial Lawyer of the Year by Public Justice, and was awarded by Gideon’s Promise for contributions to indigent defense in the South.

Carl Dix is a co-founder with Cornel West of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network; a co-initiator of; and a follower of the revolutionary leader Bob Avakian.

Workers and Just Transition: A Global View @ Online
Dec 5 @ 9:00 am – 10:15 am


Worldwide transitions deserve a worldwide response!  An exciting webinar produced by the Labor Network for Sustainability and the Just Transition Listening Project Organizing Committee will bring together labor and policy leaders to share perspectives, stories, and strategies from the frontlines of the struggle for a global just transition.  This webinar is the sixth in a series of the Just Transition Listening Project.  In addition to the webinar series, they have conducted interviews with more than 100 community leaders and workers to learn of their experiences and perspectives on Just Transition.  Their report from these interviews will be available in January.

With the election of a President who acknowledges the threats of climate change and of ongoing economic devastation for working people, we have an opportunity to seriously address how to make a transition to a climate-safe, socially-just, worker-friendly society.  The primary objective of the JTLP is to ensure that workers and community voices are central to the conversation of a Green New Deal and other climate policies.  From the experiences of metalworkers in South Africa to the coal miners in Spain, to workers across sectors in Latin America and across the world, the struggle for a just transition is truly global.  In order to effectively address the worldwide transitions we are facing in our jobs, environments, and homes, we must demand a worldwide response.


Richard Lipsitz
President, Western New York Area Labor Federation


Ana Belén Sanchez
Regional Specialist in Green Employment,
International Labor Organization

Samantha Smith
Director, Just Transition Centre
International Trade Union Confederation

Woodrajh Aroun
Former Education and Parliamentary Officer,
National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa

Dinga Sikwebu
Education Director, NUMSA

Mariano Sanz Lubeiro
Confederal Secretary of Environment and Mobility,
Workers’ Commissions, Spain



A Mobile Protest to Ban Evictions and Cancel Rent Debt @ Lake Merritt Amphitheater
Dec 5 @ 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
We’re calling on our landlords and legislators to cancel rent debt, ban evictions, and stop putting the burden of a shut down economy on renters’ backs. Roll up on your bikes, boards, blades ready to take our rally around the town to spread the word.. Cars welcome to caravan too! Everyone should come masked up and socially distanced from people not in your household.
France: Mass Protests Against a Government Crackdown @ Online
Dec 5 @ 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
For more event information:
The French government recently passed a new “security law” that forbids the release of footage showing police violence. Days later French cops were caught on film viciously beating young migrant refugees and destroying their tents in Paris. And then footage was released of French cops beating a Black music producer in Paris just for exiting his car without a mask on. And now, similar to events in the U.S. following the murder of George Floyd, the result in France has been an upsurge against the new “security law” and a series of demonstrations that are rocking the country. French activists with the Fraction L’Etincelle in the NPA (New Anti-capitalist Party) will join us to discuss these events.
Suds, Snacks, and Socialism…BYO Election 2020: WTF!? @ Online
Dec 5 @ 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Connect with https:

Speakers and themes include:
* Dr. Laurence Shoup: The factors behind the vote: Historical, economic, social and political

* Michael Rubin: The political reality revealed: What should socialists do now?

* Marsha Feinland: California politics unmasked: What ballot initiatives have become

This event is sponsored by the Oakland Greens, Bay Area System Change Not Climate Change, and the Alameda County Peace and Freedom Party.

Strike Debt Bay Area Economics Book Group – Revenge Capitalism @ ONLINE, VIA 'ZOOM'
Dec 5 @ 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm



Revenge CapitalismStrike Debt Bay Area hosts a non-technical book group discussion monthly on new and radical economic thinking. Previous readings have included Doughnut EconomicsLimitsBanking on the PeopleCapital and Its Discontents, How to Be an Anti-Capitalist in the 21st Century, and The Deficit Myth.

For our October discussion we will be reading the first two chapters of  ‘Revenge Capitalism: The Ghosts of Empire, the Demons of Capital, and the Settling of Unpayable Debts‘ by Max Haiven (You can order it from Pluto Press.)

For our November discussion we’ll be reading the third and fourth chapters, and for our December discussion we’ll read the final chapters and closing material.

Join us – all are welcome! (This is a dense and intricate book, so if you want to join in on the discussion in December as opposed to just auditing the discussion and listening to the author we’d ask that you make sure you’ve read it…)

Capitalism is in a profound state of crisis. Beyond the mere dispassionate cruelty of ‘ordinary’ structural violence, it appears today as a global system bent on reckless economic revenge; its expression found in mass incarceration, climate chaos, unpayable debt, pharmaceutical violence and the relentless degradation of common life.

In Revenge Capitalism, Max Haiven argues that this economic vengeance helps us explain the culture and politics of revenge we see in society more broadly. Moving from the history of colonialism and its continuing effects today, he examines the opioid crisis in the US, the growth of ‘surplus populations’ worldwide and unpacks the central paradigm of unpayable debts – both as reparations owed, and as a methodology of oppression.

Revenge Capitalism offers no easy answers, but is a powerful call to the radical imagination.

Max Haiven is Research Chair in Culture, Media and Social Justice at Lakehead University, Canada. His books include Art after Money, Money after Art (Pluto, 2018), Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power (Zed Books, 2004), Cultures of Financialization (Palgrave MacMillan, 2014) and the Radical Imagination (Zed Books, 2014).

2020 Bioneers Conference
Dec 6 all-day

Bioneers is an innovative nonprofit organization that highlights breakthrough solutions for restoring people and planet. Founded in 1990 in Santa Fe, New Mexico by social entrepreneurs Kenny Ausubel and Nina Simons, we act as a fertile hub of social and scientific innovators with practical and visionary solutions for the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges.

The Bioneers Conference takes place on a virtual platform. You will receive a login via email after registering. If you’re a registered conference attendee needing support to access the virtual conference, please reach out to:

This year’s theme is “Beyond the Great Unraveling: Weaving the World Anew.” As we enter into a permanent emergency, it’s much easier to see what’s dying than what’s being born. But since the beginning, Bioneers has been about what’s being born. As always, we’ll be showcasing many of the most visionary and practical solutions afoot today, and many of our greatest visionary innovators, including the greatest people you’ve never heard of.

Complete schedule

Health Care for All @ ONLINE, VIA 'ZOOM'
Dec 6 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Health Care for All – Contra Costa County News / 12-06-19 Zoom

If you are interested in joining us, please email Yi Shepard.
Links to the draft agenda and draft October meeting notes.

And at this meeting we will elect directors and officers for 2021. Therefore Contra Costa County chapter members are highly encouraged to attend.


Message from Chapter Co-Chairs

We hope this finds you well.  We are relieved at the outcome of the federal election, which makes any effort to legislate health care reform at the State level, though not easy, more of a possibility.  Despite and because of what COVID has revealed about problems in our health care system, our work advocating for single-payer reform continues with more commitment than ever.

As most of you know, meetings of Newsom�s Healthy California for All Commission have been postponed until February.  In the meantime, we can write letters to the editor, continue to educate our friends and contact our legislators about the need for single-payer healthcare reform.

We continue to look for someone willing to post our newsletter every other month. If you are willing to do so and have some knowledge of HTML, please contact us.

We hope that you continue to stay healthy and wish you the best.

Susan Buckland and Janet Thomas